• Of course they are

    Police officers these day are taking people's lives for no reason and it's not fair to the families that are losing there members, because they have to go through so many things and we feel bad for all the people who are losing family members. We need to stop all of this violence that is happening. ESPECIALLY with Police Officers

  • Yes they are too brutal.

    Sure, some cops are not brutal. But those that are cause me to say yes, overall they are too brutal. I'm constantly hearing cases where they are shooting unarmed people or even children. There are horror stories about the treatment of prisoners. The one I read about a month ago still haunts me. Some prison guards in Florida tied a man up in the shower and blasted him with scalding hot water until his skin literally melted off and he died. When police get caught treating people this way they always say "I thought he had a gun". These police are hardly ever punished. Or if they are it involves 3 days of paid leave. Which sounds like a reward if you ask me. Therefore I believe it's the system that is screwed up because they allow it, or in cases like Ferguson they encourage it for monetary gain.

    I believe that police should be required to wear cameras all the time. This would prevent police lying about what happened as well as prevent people from lying about what the police did. Everyone wins.

    If you think that human beings can be given ultimate power and not abuse it you are in denial about human nature. I won't even get into the militarization of the police lately....

    If anyone needs links to some of these police brutality articles I would be happy to link just ask.

  • Yes, I am sorry to say.

    Many criminals are being shot and killed. Some are even being tortured for answers. The police, unfortunately, HAVE to be brutal. Criminals and murderers are brutal. Police have to be brutal in order to be level with criminals. I don't agree with how brutal police are now a days, but sadly it is the truth. I can't lie even if I don't like the truth. Police are indeed brutal. If they weren't, criminals might think we are weak. Unfortunately, I think the police might be getting a little out of hand. The picture for this topic says it all.

  • Yes, but it depends on the officer

    Some officers are not brutal, some officers are brutal. However, officers to have a right to be brutal in a case such as a violent crime, however some officers are brutal towards even peaceful protestors or non violent drug offenders. Police brutality is really only neccesary with very violent crimes.

  • A couple bad apples don't represent the entire group.

    Most cops are good people who choose to risk their lives to protect people they don't even know. According to the fbi and boj there are 53 million police encounters with citizens a year. 26,000 of those encounters end up with complaints but only 8000 of those complaints actually go through. Most of the other 18,000 complaints are whiny citizens with not respect for the people whose job it is to protect them. So only 8,000 (giving cop haters the benefit of the doubt let's say up to 26,000) of the 53million police encounters with civilians involve police brutality.

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  • Police are brutal

    The reason police are brutal is only because they have a fear of their lives being taken and they use the excuse that they believed that their victim was a threat to the community that they where watching. In my eyes i believe that police are scared for their life that's why they brutalize their victims

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Dilara says2015-04-04T19:45:03.553
Darren Wilson was justified in shooting michael brown.