• Teenagers (not all, but generally) look absolutely rediculous.

    It is absolutely sickening to see girls with extremely revealing tops, those rediculous "messy buns" and worst of all, almost see-through gym-legging things, especially when they are fat and do cartwheels like the people in my class. And the boys too, with their jedward hairstyles, and what the hell are those tight turned up denim shorts supposed to be about?

    Now I know so much about these people, and I say "not all, but generally" because I am a teenager myself, a 16-year-old boy. But unlike my brainwashed peers, I don't care about fitting in. Personally I love the fashion and morals of the 1950's. I wish I didn't care about what other people wore but when it gets to the extent that it makes you feel sick, especially the girls, you simply can't help it.

  • Teenagers have no sense of style.

    If you look around at teenagers in today's society, you will notice that they are all wearing the same trends, the same logos, and same designers. They follow all the trends but have no true sense of style for themselves. They are truly fashion victims and it is sad that no one is able to think for themselves anymore.

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  • Fashion is making us forget our culture

    Fashion is taken too seriously that by focusing on fashion people are forgetting their culture ,even if there is no rule that state you should follow your culture compulsory but if we forget our culture that means we are forgetting how to behave our selfs. So we shouldn't focus on fashion that much.

  • Teenagers more significant effect

    I think the teenagers are fashion victims because they always to look like very good. They wanted to be great dressed. But sometimes we don't know how we are going to be dress so then you are bad dress and the people start criticising you and they they treated you in a bad way

  • Children and we youngsters aren't fashion freaks or victims ,

    I would hope that all of you who say children are fashion victims ,do not buy any branded clothes .We children are just are being modernised and it is good for our nation being modernised and also,we should adopt other cultures as well as it makes us all look different.

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  • No teenagers are not faishon victin,I aprisiate this.

    Now i know so much of children are in faishon but this is not their fault .This is our new generation .Wehave to aprisiate them not to stop style because faishon is a thing which help in future of a children because many big companys these companys see only the personality of a person and if the persanality of a person is good then all companys take he/she at the top of sky so faishon is also very important for a child in his/her childhood.

  • Parental intervention stops us from becoming fashion victims

    Though many of us like to imitate the fashions adopted by our favourite stars.. We are not allowed to do so. Parents always draw a line and persuade us as to why we should not wear such revealing clothes, zing bang jewellery and so on... Our family background and traditions always matters.

  • Teenagers Are Victims of Commercialism

    Teenagers aren't fashion victims. Instead, they are moved by commercials, what Hollywood starlets wear and by mass media incursions into their consciousness. Teenagers have parents with money, so whatever the kids want, that is what commercials are geared toward. When the next hottest tech device comes out, teens will start a new fashion trend around an entire cell phone.

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