• Part time jobs

    Yes I think that too many Americans are working part time jobs. Many people can only find part time jobs or they only want to have a part time job. But yes I do think that there is a large amount of Americans working at part time jobs than they are at full time.

  • Part-Time American Work

    I think too many Americans lack the opportunity to work full time. It isn't necessarily a choice for some. I know people who work two part time jobs rather then a full time job because they were offered full time and took it, but never received full time hours once the job started.

  • They Aren't Choosing

    Employers are forcing too many Americans to work part time when they are actually searching for full time work. Employees aren't making these choices, businesses are. I think businesses have too much control over their employees and they make decisions that often hurt them. This part time craze is one of the harshest blows to the people in recent times. It's the companies fault and something should be done to stop it.

  • No,there are not too many American's working part-time jobs

    Although some looking for full-time work can only find part-time jobs, there are many people who prefer to work a part-time job. Part-time jobs can offer flexible schedules and also save businesses money because they do not have to give employees certain benefits. Part-time work is good for the economy because it allows people to work in the way that they wish.

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