• Kills the pace of play

    Between 1939 and 1952, teams were allowed to opt out of a free throw and inbound the ball. I believe the rules should revert back to that allowing a coaching strategy to offset intentional fouling. This would allow a team to retain possession which would greatly reduce the amount of intentional fouling.

  • USA rules are laxer than international rules.

    In the United States, the rules are much laxer than they are in the rest of the world. Firstly, illegal contact is always considered a personal foul elsewhere in the world whereas it is not under certain circumstances in the United States. Furthermore, they have stricter rules about how many fouls a player can commit in the course of a game and are harder on technical fouls. This makes the game fairer than it is in the United States.

  • Too many intentional fouls are allowed in NBA games.

    A foul in an NBA game is an action that is against the rules. It is my opinion that if there is a rule stating an action can not be done it shouldn't be done. Allowing intentional fouls is allowing players to break the rules. There shouldn't be any intentional fouls allowed.

  • Fouls Allowed for Entertainment Factor

    I feel that refs allow far too many intentional fouls in the name of keeping the game interesting. There should be heavier penalties for intentional fouls, as players could become seriously injured. Allowing for these fouls keeps the games from being good clean basketball, and allows teams to win by effectively cheating.

  • Its Part of the Game

    As long as fouls aren't flagrant and trying to hurt someone then its a strategy in the game. This is the exact reason why each player is given a foul limit. Its up to the player and coach to use them right. If you wanna get rid of "hack-a-player" situations then take away 1 foul allowed from each player and make them be more careful.

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