• Yes, there are too many racial stereotypes in today's media.

    Yes, there are too many racial stereotypes in today's media. Look at the actor Ken Jeong who is often plays characters that subscribe to the asian sterotype. Especially his character that was used in the Hangover series. Another example would be how the media protray african americans with them usually coming from a trouble background that involve jail or they are seen as bible thrumpers.

  • There are too many racial stereotypes present in today's media

    It is my opinion that there are still too many racial stereotypes that are present in today's media. In daily news, television sitcoms, and various videos on the Internet there are many examples of both positive and negative racial stereotypes that portray groups of people in a generalized and fictional way.

  • Yes, there are.

    Yes, there are still many racial stereotypes present in today's media. We are still seeing characters that are written to tropes and past stereotypes of what those characters have been. I believe that it is getting a bit better, but there are still many sitcoms and sadly, certain "news" outlets like Fox who perpetuate racial stereotypes as well.

  • Racial Stereotypes Are NOT All That Common

    In my opinion, society has done a great job with ridding media and entertainment from racial stereotypes. The media was simply way worse in terms of stereotypical advertisement and programs several years ago. Today, interracial marriages are seen and accepted by millions if not billions of people. I believe that the real problem today lies on people being unaccepting on the Gay community.

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