• They're fantastic cars!

    I've had two Toyotas here in the UK, the first being an Auris made here in Derbyshire (and the second a RAV4 SUV (both petrol CVT) neither cars have given me any problems - I drive to Germany from the UK through France, Belgium and Holland and neither have missed a beat. Yes, they are not as quick as a Porsche Cayenne but it's reliability, safety & comfort is unbeatable after a such a journey.

  • Yes, Toyotas are very reliable.

    I had a Toyota Camry that was built when I was going to high school and It works perfectly. American car brands aren't just as reliable, I had heard a story from a friend that his horn on a Cadillac stopped working when he needed it most. Toyotas can go for extremely long distances without needing repairs and can be modified to put things on. Top Gear has also tested the durability of a Toyota Hilux and seemed indestructible. This is also the car of choice by terrorists because of its capability to be modified for your specific needs.

  • Yes they are

    I think toyota is a great company, I have a tacoma and it's been great to me. I have had no major issues and it's already up there in mileage. They do have street cred because of how long they last. Just look at Top Gear and the episode of the toyota hilux.

  • Only servicing required

    My last four cars have been Toyota's. Before these I used to drive Italian, French and German cars, but had so many problems with them. My last Toyota I kept for 10 years and drove 150000 miles. The only two things that went wrong in that whole time was a tailgate gas strut failed and the rear window winder mechanism broke. Both were so easy to replace. I have driven 70000 miles in my current Toyota over the last 6 years and absolutely nothing has gone wrong with this car. Don't think I will be going back to VW, Ford, Fiat, Peugeot or Renault anytime soon.

  • Toyotas are good cars

    Toyotas are good cars made by a car maker which has been on the cutting edge of innovation for decades. If the U.S. car industry had taken notes and followed the footsteps of the makers of Toyota they would not have been so far behind the curve in the industry today. Toyota looks at what works and tries to make it work better. Kudos to them for finding different ways to make the same old thing differently.

  • Yes they are

    Japanese cars are up and coming reliability cars. The Aventis is a very reasonably price automatic car as a equal to a Passat with a good range of car's from 1.4 million Lexus to a cheap little aygo. Lexus's are competition to infiniti and aygo to lupo and fox. So yes toyotas are good they live up to big brands with good results. Clap clap toyota

  • Don't make them like the used to...

    "Toyotas are super reliable"...I still don't understand how Toyota perpetuates this myth. In recent years, Toyota has cut some corners that have resulted in them not being as "bullet proof" as they once were. The most legendary engine of Toyota was the 22RE. That era has long passed and even it wasn't perfect.

    Toyota is most famous for their drivetrain. Today, many car makers have great warranties for that as well and even surpass Toyota's warranty. You may not have to worry about the engine or transmission, but what about the rest of the vehicle?

    Toyota trucks with the 22RE were subjected to bed rust that would destroy the bed entirely (known as the "California Bed"). The FJ Cruiser is/was having frame cracking/buckling issues that Toyota refuses to acknowledge (this seems to have plagued the 2007-2010 models the most, though the jury is out on the 2011+ models). I believe we can all recall the sticking throttle issue that resulted in crashes several years ago. The Tacoma is/was also plagued with rust issues (frame) and problems with the rear axles. Furthermore, the 3.0 V6 engines of the 2nd generation 4Runner's era were prone to head gasket leaks/failures (resulting in a recall). The 3.4 that replaced it is a fairly good engine, provided maintenance is kept up (longevity of this engine is still open).

    Are they "good" cars? Ultimately, "good" is a relative term. It all matters in the context of what "good" is. The Toyotas of the past built a reputation of being near indestructible (think Hilux), but the Toyotas of today aren't like their Grandfather. Now, Toyota is not any better (or worse) than any other vehicle make out there, though their marketing department would have you believe otherwise and fetch a higher premium from you for their name.

    Just food for thought.

  • Toyota makes cost cut, average cars

    Cliche design, awkward handling, unrefined feel, overly sharp braking, and many other little things all add up to absolutely ruin Toyota for me. Every other brand looks better until ten years down the road they're falling apart and we are forced to accept that aside from all these horrid things we hate about Toyota, they do last foyear ever. I have hated on Toyota for years. But they're still here. To me, I see gullable, advertising and words-on-paper driven people driving Toyota. I will happily pay an extra dime all day for my German baby...Even if she's an 02 Passat.....Still beats Toyota.

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