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  • Yes, toys and games are given enough importance.

    I think that games and toys are given enough importance in life. I think that it is something that we all really feel the need to have in our lives to make it enjoyable. But I also think that the amount of attention we gear towards it is more than enough.

  • We love our games.

    Yes, toys and games are given enough importance in life, because the Milennials have learned that work is not the most important thing in the world. Play is not always sitting down and playing a game, it is often going out on a boat or traveling to a new place.

  • They Are Given Too Much Importance

    I believe toys and games are given too much importance. I believe advertisers target children with toys that look fun and interesting, but they rarely hold a child's attention. It's all about selling the product and teaching children that they must buy to be happy. Children don't really need toys and games like they have them in the US. Kids can create their own toys out of anything.

  • I don't believe people respect the importance of games to children.

    According to, globalpost.Com Video games give kids a emotional outlet that they can't get if they don't play sports. It also builds on critical-thinking skills and hand eye coordination. Also, BBC suggests that by playing games children gain empathy. Without the connections to characters in video games and online friends the often play with, some kids wouldn't have any body to talk or hangout with.

  • I don't think toys and games are valued enough

    I don't think that toys and games are appreciated for their beneficial aspects. Too many people view toys and games as diversions, time wasters, the province of youth. There is a growing body of research which shows that toys and games can have educational value, and can be used to facilitate beneficial social outcomes.

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