• Trains aren't overcomplicated

    Think about it. You buy a ticket or a pass, Get on the train, And get off when you need to. Now, Think about getting on a plane. First you need to go to this giant airport on basically the polar opposite side of the residential districts where people live. But, Theres more: you had to already planned exactly when you'd be getting on the plane, Where you'd be sitting on the plane, And basically every other little detail. Now, You've done enough work to get just from one place to another, Right? Nope, They have to check all of your bags, Coats, And even shoes now for bombs. If someone told you to take off your shoes before you get onto a train, There's a 15/10 chance you're being robbed. Now sure, Planes are ludicrously faster than trains, But once you add all the waiting up, Are they really? If you think this isn't crazy just wait until I get to tell you about how you how airlines reward you with bonus miles when you fly, But only if you get a credit card with their name on it, And to top it off, A bonus mile isn't actually a mile on land.

  • Yes, Trains are better than planes

    Plane cabins are already cramped, And new aircraft currently being built look set to further narrow the margins. Unless you're riding a budget service in the developing world, You'll have far more sprawl space on a train - and unlimited opportunities to stretch your legs. And that's why I think think trains are better thank planes.

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