Are trans-gender people and media sending a bad message to our children?

Asked by: Jman9000
  • Yes they are

    "Trannies" along with the LGBT community as a whole are spreading damaging and harmful messages to our youth like: "it's okay to be gay" and "if your religious beliefs are problematic to LGBT folk they're bad". These messages harm the moral fibre of our youth and the population at large. As a result many christians are being caught up in land slide of hate and harassment caused by LGBT groups and their allies. Despite this many of the religious LGBT community commit to a life of celibacy to please the lord and we should admire their strength.

  • Yes they are.

    They are sending a bad message to children because they are trying to make children believe that being transgender is normal when its not, because being transgender is ultimately a choice influenced from their environment.

    Am I saying being transgender is bad -> no, but they are trying to instill the idea that being transgender is normal to a child before they even grow up. Plus anyway these days the LGBT community has already done a very good job of getting there rights which I applaud them for that, but one of the main reason's why they have been successful is from insulting those who don't support the LGBT community in numbers. For example many LGBT supporters would call people homophobic in order to guilt them into liking the LGBT Community which is a shameful technique.

  • Yes they are

    The LGBT community are expounding their beliefs onto the most vulnerable and impressionable group of people that they can brainwash without much of a fight: Children. It's baffling how sex education is wrong to teach children at their age but it's okay for the LGBT community to send in messages about how it's not just acceptable but "natural" for two individual of the same biological sex to be together and even explicitly talk about coitus.

    It's one of the signs that morality in not just the USA but the rest world is disintegrating.

  • Gender Bender Confusion

    When did parents start listening to their children and teens tell their parents what's right and wrong? This is that generation. Now, we let 15-year olds, ten-year olds, even five-year olds tell us "Mommy, why did God make me a boy? I'm supposed to be a girl." Or forget mentioning God. He's no longer a part of the discussion. Now, we "must" concede to our children, because they just "know" they're in the wrong-gendered body. Yeah, let's listen to our kids. My niece, young teens, is already transitioning to look like a boy. And she's the rudest, most cynical young person I know. Being "true to herself" hasn't made her a happy person at all. Why? Because society is telling her a lie.

  • Yes they are:

    It’s a political move by the media and the government who are forcing us to follow like a sheep as usual with no say. LGBT have been around for decades and there was never an issue with it however for some reason now it is normal to have unisex toilets in PRIMARY and SECONDARY schools…………really??????? Children have stopped using the toilets because they say the boys make them dirty, they have to clean the toilets before they sit down, some children are uncomfortable so much that they keep the need to go toilet in so their abdomen starts to hurt but who cares. Yes, the children will not turn LGBT but who will protect them from abuse, feeling uncomfortable, bullying and pregnancy???? The LGBT society should not let this happen and they will get the respect for sticking up for the kids. The government and media don’t care much about child abuse anyway not much money or media coverage. Schools don’t need unisex toilets because they are too young and innocent to learn about something so complicated which even some adults find hard to comprehend. I say live and let live, stop trying to teach children things they don’t need to learn about until they are not passed the age of 15. It puts the child who is LGBT in danger and it puts the children who don’t know what happening and why in danger. All of this because the media can make loads of shows based on LGBT so they make money off it.

  • No, we need more diverse media representation

    LGBT people don't actually get a ton of media representation - it's mostly straight cis people. Growing up, all the heroes I read about in stories (Harry Potter, PJO, The Mysterious Benedict Society) were straight. The only time I ever saw mention of gay people in books was when I read the Bible and it told me that gay people are sinners. The message that this sent to me was that being straight was the only "good" way to be, and that was INCREDIBLY damaging. I struggled for years to come to terms with my sexuality, and I know many people have similar stories relating to their own sexual orientations and gender identities.
    So having trans representation in the media is helping kids. Trans kids can see themselves in their favourite characters and know they're not alone, and cis kids can become more accepting of others. It's a win-win for everyone!

  • No It's Natural in human beings going back to ancient times

    You only get one life to live in this world, so let CHILDREN be whoever they want to be in this life, nobody gets to choose their gender at birth. I find it funny that people think gender is only male or female, but there is alot of ranges in between. Some people are only black and white, especially religious folks who still believe in Imaginary Gods and think America is going down the tubes. Imagine if someone told you that you couldn't be a Christian, how would that make you feel. Actually I look forward to the day that Christianity is wiped clean from this country, it's coming soon!

  • No they are not

    All they are saying is that it is ok to be how you are and you shouldnt be ashamed by how you are because some people just want to bring others down because of how they are. Saying something is ok doesnt mean that they are trying to make people become trans

  • Transgenders aren't sending a bad message

    Transgenders don't negatively affect children. Or adults. People don't see someone who's transgender and immediately say "Oh! I'm gonna do that because it's cool!" No. Imagine someone asking you if straight, cis people send negative messages to children. Seeing trans people, non binary people, people that aren't straight, etc. in the media doesn't send harmful messages. It shows kids that might be feeling or thinking "I don't like girls... But I'm a guy" or something that there are other things.

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