• Yes they are

    They are mentally ill they can't accept who they are. If you are born a girl you are a girl if you are born a boy you are a boy. All these liberals support this mental disorder. These types of people cut their own junk off just to be a female when their chromosomes prove that they are males. Stop saying that they are girls when biology proves that they are male YOU LIBRALTARDS

  • I mean, kind of

    It really depends. Someone who knows they are a male but wants to live their life as a female is different from someone who actually believes they are the opposite gender and/or was born that way. This could be considered gender dysphoria. You aren't born with the mind of one gender and the body of the other, you are born one gender. (Oh and yes, sex and gender are the same.)

  • In a technical sense? Yes.

    Gender dysphoria is in and of itself a disorder, similar to body dysphoria. Just because there's a negative connotation to the label "mentally ill" doesn't mean it's not what it is. I'm not against the transgender community - in fact, I wholeheartedly support them transitioning to their preferred sex. However, the cause of them wanting to transition is itself a medically diagnosable thing.

  • Well its obvious. It's a fact. But its not a bad thing.

    Gender dysphoria is in itself literally a mental illness which is why they have to change their gender, You can't deny that fact. But, Its not necessarily a demoralising or "bad" thing, It's just a fact and If it wasn't a mental illness then it coudnt be treated and transgenderism woudnt exist.

  • Yes it is

    You are the gender you are born with, Although they may not believe so, Science says so and nature says so. To try and remedy the disorder with mutilation surgery and unnatural hormone therapy that can have dire consequences is a bad idea. This is a free country, So I suppose if you are of age you have the right.
    The big problem for the future is some States Government and public schools are now sticking its nose were does not belong by teaching, Enabling and in some cases encouraging children who's brains and bodies are not even close to being developed that gender change is an good option. This is regardless of the parents opinion. This teaching should not be considered part of healthy child development.

  • Yes, They are VERY mentally ill

    They take hormones that destroy their bodies, And they mutilate or cut off their own body parts.

    They believe they're the opposite sex, A MAJOR delusion.

    They're VERY mentally ill. Adhd, OCD, And depression are nothing in comparison to "trans people, " and those are all considered real mental illnesses.

    Psychosis is associated with strong delusions. Trans people are in a persistent moderate psychosis. When you realize how crazy they actually are, It's pretty scary.

  • They need help, Stop enabling their craziness

    These people are not happy or mentally healthy. They are at risk of depression, Suicide, They are living in perpetual semi-psychosis. They can't find biological mates because they dress like the opposite sex. They need compassion and to be slowly rehabilitated back to reality and accepting their biological gender. Stop telling them that acting like the opposite sex is normal, Please, You are enabling and harming them by not telling them the truth about their biological sex. Most of them are only doing it because the media keeps promoting it. It's disturbing to see a "trans" in the real world. . Similar to encountering a schizophrenic who is in a psychosis. You can instinctively tell that they are mentally ill. It's disturbing to encounter one, Especially for children. They need help and compassion, Not enablement.

  • Of course they are

    No normal person comes out of the womb and 15 years later, Says "I was born the wrong gender". The main reason that transgenders are a thing is to hide the fact they were born homosexuals and they are afraid to come out as gay. Switching your gender should be illegal and anyone who has already "changed" their gender should be deported or thrown in their own prison cell with other freaks like them. . . Anyways back to the question. On a more serious and politically correct note, Anyone who has thoughts of switching genders should genuinely see counseling and get the help. People should be proud of the gender they came out as and we need to let them know that. Even if they are gay its okay to be gay. We need to let them know that.

  • Yes they are, But that's doesn't mean their rights should be infringed.

    Men and women have different brain structures and behave differently from each other. If your body is of one gender but your brain structure is of the opposite gender, Then there is some type of mental illness. Doctors name this as Gender Dysphoria.

    However, This doesn't mean they are bad people, Psychotic, Or don't deserve basic human rights. They still deserve to be treated like equals, But we just need to know that Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness.

    Posted by: CDC
  • Pretty much yeah

    If I (a biological male with a penis) crawls around the neighborhood on my knees and hands, Starts eating grass, Pisses all over peoples fences, Shits on your lawn and dry humps random ladies legs. . . Would you consider me mentally ill?
    Well I consider myself a dog
    Same thing goes with transgender people. . .
    I'm born a human, If I act and identify as a dog I am mentally ill
    I'm born a male, If I act and identify as a female, I AM MENTALLY ILL

  • Being trans is a perfectly legitimate thing

    Being transgender is simple: You are one gender, but you have the junk for a different one. It's really not that complicated. Why can't people just accept transgender people for who they are. Even if you don't think it's legitimate, that doesn't matter. You are not them, so don't try to enforce your moral standards on them.

  • The hell is wrong with you?

    There is literally NO scientific evidence of trans people being mentally ill. In fact, there's proof of the exact opposite. I can't find the source, but there are multiple studies that showed that the brains of trans people are more like the one's of the gender they identify as, rather than their biological sex. Also, your sex chromosomes dictates your genitals, or your sex, but not your brain structure or psychology, which is your gender. Stop being so self centered and closed minded. Not everything that exists in the world has to be related back to you.

  • Why do you care?

    It’s not your body or your mind, so why care? If they are biologically male but want to be female, fine. If they are biologically female and wish to be male, have at it. It’s not hurting anyone, so we should let them be who they want to be. They aren’t hurting you, so leave them alone.

  • Of coarse not.

    Transgenders are not mentally ill. Transgenders are perfectly fine. They are just like you and me. The only thing different is that they came out of the womb with the wrong gender. If they want to be a guy, fine, if they want to be a woman, that is also fine. It is who they think they are and who they want to be. But what is wrong with them is when they do not tell their spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend that they are trans.

  • They are not

    Im gay, and i love my boyfriend and i certainly am not mentally ill. This is just stereotypical and people seem to judge you for being gay and think that you are depressed and all sad. Imagine you child turns out to be gay you cant just disown them because they are attracted towards their own gender.

  • FACT: Gender is a social construct.

    Gender and sex are NOT alike. Sex is your genetic makeup, and can be defined by genitals. Gender, on the other hand, is a SOCIAL construct-- primarily influenced and delegated by centuries of Western/Eastern scholarly, and often assumed, knowledge.

    [Some] cultures stemming from Pacific, Native American and African origin had no set words for "male" and "female", but rather words of description embodying feminine or masculine qualities. Pacific and Native American nations lived in harmony with a "third gender"-- individuals fitting neither masculine, nor feminine qualities of the avg. Man/woman, and further identified as other than man/woman.

    Gender is a social construct, transgender is therefore wholly valid, and as justifiable as the urge to change your ice cream order from single, to double scoop. Certainly not as simple, but as justifiable.

  • Of course not!

    We have come this far in humanity. We’ve decided on peace and equal rights. People have lost their lives defending our rights, To have a free society. People should be worried about more important issues, Like war and malnutrition! I think people should be able to be whatever they want to be, And should be respected for it.

  • Others can sense your true gender.

    Others around you can sense your true gender......Even if you can't.

    It is definitely not the case that a person 'feels like they are the opposite sex' but yet others sense that their nature matches their body. Not with a transgender person. In fact, things can get rather ugly if the transgender tries to role play the nature of their physical sex. The public finds that contentious. Especially in school, and at such close quarters, can be very damaging emotionally and psychologically for the trans person.

  • They are not

    They are not there is no proof proving that and if so where is it . They are not there are just like you and be but born as a trans no more no less and that is why i say no and for they ones who say yes Get a life

  • Some people don't like the feeling

    Imagine going day by day knowing you don't feel right or you don't fit in the gender your in. Its hard to stay that way so many people go transgender. Its like being trapped and some people have found a way out of discomfort. There not out of there mind instead there using regular human emotion of discomfort.

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