• Getting to the real issues here

    Yes, they're incredibly gay. It's a guy in a dress and that's really all it comes down to. If your "girlfriend's" balls are slapping yours, that's pretty gay. If you've got "her" dick in your mouth, that's pretty.

    This sentence is fluff designed to reach the total word limit, fam.

  • What happened to common sense

    Of course traps are gay. Traps are just men who have a mental disorder and can't afford to have their genitals mutilated by a licensed professional. In my Opinion anyone who thinks that traps aren't gay should go to back to school. What low level of intelligence must you possess to think traps aren't gay? I look over at the opposing side and it is very scary to see some of there arguments. Like the first one this person says " As a heterosexual man who is strictly attracted to "traps", or those with male reproductive parts" or " I feel the femine penis, one of the most alluring aspects of traps, is different to, say, the "masculine" penis. Gender involves much more than what genitals a person has, so even though traps resemble men, they do not fit into the socially constructed definition of men." Now I can't tell if this person is joking or just extremely stupid. There is no such thing as a "feminine penis" it's a penis plain and simple. If you look between your legs and you see a penis guess what your a man and if you have a vagina your a women. There is no fucking gray area or somewhere in between. And what do mean when you say " I don't think my preference brings my sexuality into question." Of course it brings your sexuality into question. Your clearly in denial that your gay.

  • Are you dumb?

    DIck + Dick = Gay
    Its not that hard. Its telling me I need 40 more words but I barely needed 3. Why do I have to explain this to people? If you know what gay means you shouldnt be in denial that being aroused by the same gender is gay.

  • State Your Opinion. Supporting headline:

    Discipline is the best king crimson album and better than in the court of the crimson king.

    The lamb lies down on Broadway is the best Genesis album

    U. K. 's debut album is one of the greatest albums of all time

    Jazz fusion is just jazz but better.

    Oh yeah, And also
    Traps are gay

  • Ofc you retards

    If you have a dick, And they have a dick its gay af. Does not matter what they identify as, Or if they are primarily girl or guy. Males signature reproductive organ is a pp and gays like to do it with men, Who have pp, So if you like to do it with someone who hav pp, You gay bro.

    However, If you don't know at first then it is technically not gay as then it comes down to principles of superposition. If it has not been observed it can be nothing and everything. So if u do a trap, Without knowing, Its not gay personally as you did not know it was a trap, However, In relation to absolute truth after the fact, The act you preformed was gay af and you should kys homie.

  • Biologically Gay = Gay+90

    It's biologically gay and classified as homosexual sex. Anybody who doesn't know what homo means, It's a root word for same in science. Two biological males having sex means homosexual sex, Doesn't matter how pretty they are or how female they look. Scientifically a male having sex with a trap is sex.

  • Heck yeah they’re gay

    Traps are guys trying to attract other guys, So they’re gay. I guess liking traps is gay if you know they’re a guy, But if you don’t know that they’re a guy, I guess maybe not? Pretty much if you acknowledge that they’re a guy and still like them, Then you’re gay, Even if the reason you’re attracted to them is because they LOOK like a girl

  • Dog Shit Sandwiches

    If I give you a sandwich without telling you it's filled with dog shit, And you eat it, Does it matter whether you knew about the dog shit or not? No, Because either way you still ate it. Traps are gay, Regardless of if you know it's a boy or not. If you think traps are cute you're gay, It doesn't matter if you knew or not because you still thought a boy was cute.

  • Traps are fucking gay, Nigger

    Holy shit. My mom came into my room to bring me a plate of chicken nuggets and I literally screamed at her and knocked the plate of chicken nuggets out of her hand. I want bernie to be president and fix this broken country. Lmao something I'm a fucking navy seal NIGGER.

  • The notion that Traps are not gay is absurd. If a male with is attracted to another male, They are gay.

    This should not be a debate, Logic proves this for any sensible person. We can agree that if a man is attracted to a man they are considered homosexual or more commonly gay. How is this different if the man has a wig and a dress on? The argument that it is not gay is revolved around feelings, And facts don't care about your feelings.

  • If you answered yes, you are stupid.

    Wow, I can’t believe how many truly stupid comments on here. That is the problem with labels, especially ones that people use incorrectly. I don’t know what a “trap” is. It sounds like a slang term for transvestite which is a person who likes to dress up as the other sex. It has nothing to do with their sexuality as most transvestites are heterosexual. I also wonder when “gay” became the universal term for anyone homosexual? If so they should change the LGTB acronym. Gay is a homosexual man, lesbian is a homosexual woman. Whatever the semantics, no one mentioned sex. The ones, which I noticed were almost universally men, who immediately and vehemently agreed yes and then went into a tirade of hate speech should read up on homophobia and what it is usually a sure sign of. It determines who wants to have sex with them more than who they want to have sex with. Most of the time it’s to express a feeling they are missing. Usually because people are stupid and they are mean. Gender schemas and gender roles that societies create, argue, and then judge, rank, and police each other are changing thank goodness. But unfortunately people are not.

  • This is a fetish, not something defining someone's sexuality.

    Heterosexual men are attracted to female appearing people while Homosexual men are attracted to male appearing people. It's not fair to define someone's sexuality based on their fetishes. The main aspect of sexuality is to identify what the person in question finds sexually attracting. While the person is biologically a male, they are female appearing. A heterosexual man finding a transgender woman attractive isn't gay, it's a fetish.

  • Traps aint gay

    Trap aint gay if she look like a gal, look at nonomy, if u dont tap that you a fukin homo gay boi, some traps are more girl and prettier than most girls, just because u find out she has a dick she suddenly is not attractive ya idiot boi

  • Traps and Statues

    This question is a joke. Of course, traps are not gay. Say, if you like a statue of a woman, would you say you love statues. No, you love women. Apply this logic to traps and it is clear that Traps are blatantly not gay AS THEY LOOK LIKE WOMEN.

  • The guy from boku girl turns me on

    And im not gay, so it's fine yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet

  • Traps are not gay

    Traps are not gay because their dick is almost non existential so basically your having sex anally but you are not seeing its dick also a lot of people say that the dick makes it cute so when there dick is small it makles it really cute and too much people are gay for thinking that traps are gay

  • They are not as long as you dont shag them

    I feel traps arent gay because as long as you just get a blowjob or a handjob and dont touch the other traps penis then technically you never knew they were a guy so it couldnt be counted as being gay and most people argue that the dick makes them cuter which i can see where they're coming from but personally im not that intrested in penis

  • I don't understand

    How could Traps be gay? What aspect exists that could possibly make you believe that traps could be gay? Traps, first and foremost, are created by the advanced civilization in Japan, where such legendary artists such as Hayao Miyazaki, Akio Chiba, and last but not least, Hiroki Endo reside. How could anything exported by such an advanced civilization that has he the forefront of cancer research, stem cell research, astronomy, and electronics development possibly create something of the homosexual manner? Furthermore, as many world renown psychologists claim, homosexuality is the attraction of one to their own sex. Therefore, if one is attracted to a trap, WHICH APPEARS FEMALE, then, logically, he or she is attracted to a women. In conclusion, it would be theoretically and logically implausible for one who is attracted to female characteristics, AKA traps, to be gay.

  • Traps are not gay

    Because if your a normie, you think traps are gay, if your pretty dank like I then u know that traps are not gay because it ends with a guy, being a GIRL, Meaning that girl is the ending word, therefore rendering it to a female, making it not gay for people to like them

  • Nah fam they straight as a broom

    Its only gay if you like their dick more than their ass fam. If you have your socks on its all good. Just don't touch or think about the dick and its just like anal with a female making it heterosexual intercourse. Ya'll know what I mean, the game can be tough some times.

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