• Nothing beats a circular plate (now I don't mean treys as in the things that caterers drive to hold multiple people's plates)

    A circular plate, I know I'm about to eat a home cooked meal. Treys are just plain disgusting to begin with. Everytime I see a tray, someone's got fast food. Hell, many rappers have had the name Trey too after the thing. Stupid stupid stupid. This world is coming to crap.

  • It's just another form of dish.

    Trays can be cleaned and sanitised just the same as any other dish.

    They are also very helpful for people with autism and/or other issues who can not bear to eat different kinds or colours of foods that are touching each other.

    I imagine they could be useful in a buffet to stop different flavours of food contaminating each other without the need to carry many dishes, and to me less dirty dishes is less disgusting.

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