• Depends who is president

    It only really depends on who is president at the time. Like Reagan he made it work where then, gas was under a dollar and iPhones did not exist. Now with Smart Phones, people buy them and the workers making them get paid etc. But now, with Donald Trump the outcome looks not so good.

  • If you believe it doesn't work than you are lying to yourself.

    A few decades ago there were these people who bought car phones. They were ridiculously expensive devices but it was because the rich people bought them that they were able to get funding. As a result virtually everyone today is reading this on a phone or computer. The rich pave the way for everyone else to follow after them.

    The thing about tax cuts is that there'll be more revenue over a period of time. If you step back and let them breathe they'll be able to give you more at 10% than they can now at 40%.

  • We are all rich.

    Yes, trickle down economics are effective, because they allow everyone to get rich. If a person makes a lot of money, they might buy a boat. Then, a person will have a job making a boat. The person who spends their time making a boat will buy a pizza at the end of the day, and someone will have a job delivering pizzas. It all trickles down.

  • Trickle Down economics do not work as advertised.

    The problem with trickle down economics is two-fold. The thought that the rich will spend their money is misguided. The rich often just reinvest their money to make more. The second problem with trickle down economics is that the money that these rich do spend is not in the US. The Grand Canyone or New York City are not the tourist destinations of the rich. The rich would rather travel somewhere that requires a passport and spend their money in a foreign market. That also applies to many investment opportunities. The money doesn't stay stateside. Instead it is pushed overseas.

  • Greed Stops It

    I do not believe trickle down economics are effective. If anything, the past has showed us that the theory is a complete failure. Greed gets in the way of trickle down economics, therefore the money never trickles or doesn't trickle enough. I believe it is best to empower others, rather than leaving large amounts to "trickle" through many hands.

  • Trickle Down Economics Aren't Effective

    I do not believe trickle down economics are effective. Economic theories are based on people making decision based off what is best for them. People, when left up to their own devices, don't always let go of their funds. If the wealth is left in the hands of a few, it is unlikely it will trickle throughout society. It may imporve some networks of people, but not the vast majority.

  • Trickle down economics are not effective

    Trickle down economics are not effective. This is because of the fact that trickle down economics were attempted in the Reagan administration. This is well known to be a huge flop as it did not fix things and only made things worse. In many situations this model has failed as well.

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