Are trigger warnings on college textbooks anti-science

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  • Trigger Warnings to help students avoid things they find objectionable encourage worsening anxiety, Repeal all policies requiring trigger warnings and Ban trigger warnings!

    "Trigger warnings" are increasingly used and often required to use to 'protect' students from negative feelings from textbooks and other readings. But this is ill-advised.


    The article is long and covers more than just trigger warnings but the gist of it is that psychologists have proven that if you avoid things that make you feel anxious then your anxiety problems worsen, if you expose yourself to them then your anxiety problems get better.

    Another problem is that if you are in a social environment that encourages you to feel offended or anxious about something then you're more likely to give in to that and develop problems of your own.

    That is not good for students' long-term psychological well-being or for their success when they get out of college and into the real world where they aren't going to find any "trigger warnings".

    All policies requiring trigger warnings should be immediately repealed. Although the article says that professors should be allowed to include trigger warnings I think that if science shows that trigger warnings are psychologically detrimental then we should go further than just repealing policies requiring them and BAN trigger warnings.

  • Why would you need one ?

    Anything that does not fall in the realmn of science that restricts access to science is definitely anti-science. I'm curious to who would actually trigger someone in a science text book? Just because you can't handle the truth doesn't mean it will go away, no matter how much you whine and scream science can't censor itself. I just feel so sorry for people like that... What a miserable life they make for themselves!

  • I didn't even know that this was a thing....

    The entire concept of a 'Trigger warning' is completely absurd. You have to face problems and things you don't like otherwise you will never know how to deal with problems.
    The newest generation is showing the highest level of anxiety and nervosa in our entire history. Psychologists feel that this is because parents are pre-occupied with fixing all of their children's problems or because they are overprotecting their children. When you solve your child's problems or you prevent your child from encountering problems you cause more damage then harm. That's because when the child grows up and is no longer protected by the parent, they cannot handle failure or problems because they have not learned any life skills.
    We need to raise a competent generation that is capable of living a fruitful and meaningful life and allowing young people to ignore or run away from things that make them uncomfortable is going to have the opposite effect.

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