Are triple-A titles ruining the video game industry?

Asked by: RulerOfNone
  • Its creating a false standard of what good games are.

    To many games are being compared to well selling games today. Its the reason whatnthe xbl market place has so many adventure and fps games. Basically if its not CODish its a bad game, yet it is also the gaming community. Would it really kill you people to play different kinds of games?

  • It's a bussines.

    I don't think that developers (the big ones(mostly)) want us to play a good game, I think/know they're making the games just good enough too keep us in without making any more effort, just to make as much profit as possible. And it's no wonder for me because bussines is all about making money.

  • It's becoming a soulless business.

    Companies like EA and Activision are pumping out these minimum-effort maximum-profit titles like Call of Duty, and they're buying smaller developers and destroying them. Other developers are putting out products that are more like movies than games, removing gameplay because it feels too "video gamey". Businessmen with no knowledge of video games control the content that gets published. I feel that the industry is losing its soul, becoming just another cash cow marketed towards the lowest common denominator.

  • The Video Game world is not zero sum

    Yes, some of these games are crap, but I don't think it stiffles innovation. At least, not at the current time (in the way it is killing hollywood). There are plenty of great, innovative independent games as well as mainstream games showing innovation (think "The Last of Us" or "Remember Me") It does stink that The Last Guardian is being delayed so much though, but I have faith that it will come out, and it will be groundbreaking!

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