• They are absolutley amazing

    Imagine rolling down a highway in your semi. A majestic hat of justice on your scalp. Now, a sexy blonde babe pops up in a red 97 camero next to you. You honk your horn and jerk your head upward in greeting. Immediatley she begins to strip. As she strips she is constantly licking an ice cream. The day was hot so as she licked it, it melted on her beautiful skin. You both pull over and she sucks on your trucker cap in the backseat of her camero. You then proceed to have sex. Would this happen without a trucker cap?

  • Of course they are

    Imagine the flow of the air through your trucker cap as you drive down a highway. Just imagine a beautiful woman, driving beside your car on your way to pick up your merchandise. And what does said woman say. "wow your cap is so...Manly" and then your take off your cap, twirl it around your finger and grin. Thus explaining how the universe was created

  • Trucker Caps Rock!

    I love trucker caps because they rock! I own 235 of my own and they were super cheap so i can wear them tomorrow today yesterday an on and on and on and on and on and on forever!!!!!!!!! I love trucker caps and so should you see you all later -U

  • Yes,they are beautiful.

    It is beautiful becusse poeple can expess there love of hats and they look nice one people. I don't think this should be an issue cause anyone can think what and wear what they want cause it is their opion to dress any way. This is a crazy question! I just love demm! :)) -L

  • They're so cool

    I can't explain it. Anyways, so cool, I would love to see Kirsten Dunst or Eliza Dushku sport one. Texas is an awesome state for it. LMAO. Lol. I love those kinda caps. They're so awesome. I could imagine me being with my girl and my friends and just sporting it to be the cool kid on the block. LMAO

  • No they are not

    Trucker caps embody all that is wrong with the world today. The materials used in the production of trucker caps should go to something that truly benefits the world, such as, for example, making fedoras. Also, a trucker cap kidnapped my entire family and held them ransom in Cambodia. It was terrifying.

    Don't support kidnapping families. Oppose trucker caps.

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