• Yes, truffles are a rare food item and the price should reflect their rarity.

    Most people you meet will never eat a truffle. They are scarce, and only the top restaurants offer them. The price tag attached to them reflects the fact that not everyone will ever get the chance to eat them. Truffles are the same as any other luxury item and they should be priced accordingly. Truffles are a status symbol and bragging rights that not everyone can afford.

  • No, truffles are not worth their cost.

    Perigord truffles sell for hundreds of dollars per pound. Truffles carry complex flavors that are unlike any other food but remind the palette of many foods. The Oregon white truffle is significantly cheaper, and easier to hunt, and is worth the price. The Italian Perigord is the snobby person's truffle.

  • Truffles are overhyped

    Truffle oil is affordable, but truffles have no limit on the price. In certain circles they are used as a measure of wealth, but it's a food item that doesn't have a long shelf life and maybe delicious, but doesn't last long. People eat them not for the quality, but to show off that they can afford a food that is rare.

  • truffles outrageous prices

    I absolutely do not think that the outrageous prices attached to truffles are worth it. I could not imaging spending that much money on one thing for one person when that much money could be spent on a lot of food for a lot of people. Food is to keep you from starving it is in you mouth for less than a minute.

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