Are Trump Campaign Signs an Endangered Species?

Asked by: Fernyx
  • Trump signs are becoming ever more rare.

    People are taking Trump signs at an alarming rate. This is dangerous to the Trump sign species as a whole, many being ripped or burned. I feel that the lowering number of Trump signs is a cause to put the signs on the endangered species list. If Trump's hair has a mind of it's own, his signs must have as well, therefore they are considered a species.


  • I dont think you can call a sign a species

    A lot of people are jumping off the trump wagon as they see the wheels falling off of the cart anticipating the crash, and honestly if he had a sign in every person's yard in america it would not change the fact that he lacks the policy knowledge and the debate skills needed to win the election. If he was a better candidate he could have won because Hillary made so many mistakes throughout the whole election and yet he failed to capitalize on all of them because he was too busy trying to act like a dick instead of hammering home his policies.

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