• Yes, I think so.

    Those protesting against Trump don't want the country back to where Trump wants to bring it; they just want to keep destroying the country. For example, Stahl in her 60 Minutes interview only focuses on allegations of bias regarding Donald Trump supporters, yet fails to discuss bias and racism of Pro-Hillary supporters .

  • Protesters against Trump? No way!

    I can't even wrap my brain around this question. The people who are protesting the Trump presidency are those who are sinned against rather than sinners. They are protesting his irresponsible policies that allow actual racists to think they have a pass to harass and assault Muslims, black people, Latinos, and Asian Americans. Trump is the only presidential candidate I can remember who is endorsed by the KKK. And Trump's protesters are being accused of being racist??? That's a laugh.

  • No, they are not .

    Trump protesters are protesting against racism, sexism, and homophobia. Some of them are protesting against the idea that a candidate can win the popular vote and still loose the election. There is a lot to protest and for people who do not belive in the ideals that Trump represents, now is the time.

  • Racism is one of the few I believe are not applicable.

    As we see the rise of these protests we hear them voice their concerns over a president they feel is a threat to their way of life or their core personal values. Now I believe these protesters are many things among them being ignorant to the topic, hypocritical, ignorant to the workings of our government, but I would not say they are racist.

  • No - we're enlightened.

    For more than 30 years at least 50% of the people in the US have felt disenfranchised and used. We have made every effort to be inclusive, pro-active, tolerant, sensitive, and understanding. Yet, at each turn I feel I've been taken advantage of and unappreciated. No more. Not another cheek will be turned. It's time to reap what you've sown, liberal America.

  • Protesters needn't be racist

    It would be a simplistic and reductionist view to say that all Trump protesters are racist. Especially in the current political climate, people have myriad reasons to demonstrate for or against the issues that are forefront in their mind. This does not necessarily mean that they are racist or that they hold racist views.

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Overnight says2016-11-15T21:55:05.860
Are there Trump supporters who are racists? YES. Are all Trump supporters racist. DEFINITELY NOT.