• Oh God Yes

    In todays world, you become president by saying a bunch of lies. Thats exactly how he won the election. Enough ignorant people believed him, thus voting for him. He intends to do nothing about the crisis' that we need a leader for. It was all for show. Besides, all he talks about is how he has a plan that NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT. Im concerned as to whats up his sleeve.

    Posted by: Vias
  • Campaign promises unlikely to be kept

    It is becoming increasingly clear, and in fact was probably clear to most people before the results were even tallied, that Trump is unlikely to stick to the bombastic rhetoric of his original election promises. In all likelihood he will start to compromise once he is in the office and deliver more realistic goals.

  • Yes, they are .

    Trump cannot do most of the things he has promised. In fact, he might not be able to do anything that he promised. What he can do is lower taxes on the rich , and make him and his friends more money. He can run the country up in debt.

  • Trump already flip-flopping on campaign promises

    Trump, who spent the entirety of his campaign espousing traditional conservative stances, claiming he would repeal Obamacare, and asserting time and time again that he would "build a wall and make Mexico pay for it", has already departed from most of these stances. Specifically, in the week since he became president-elect, he has provided his support for same-sex marriage, been less-than-firm on Roe v. Wade, affirmed to President Obama his commitment to honor the U.S.'s role in NATO, dialed down the rhetoric on the wall (instead opting for language to "improve border security" generally speaking), and has indicated it may be better to reform Obamacare rather than repeal it.

  • Trump's campaign promises are completely bogus

    Trump says he's going to build a wall between us and Mexico. I've seen estimates that that will cost $26 billion, and it will definitely involve taking property away from owners in border states. How's Trump going to accomplish that? Get Mexico to pay for it?? He couldn't even tell the Mexican president his plans when he was IN Mexico a few months ago. Trump is a fraud.

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