• The Turkish-Armenian relationship has resulted in genocide

    Turkish-Armenian relations have always been strained, and now is no exception. Turkish individuals have hated Armenians for years, and this hatred has blossomed into full-on genocide, where Turks ruthlessly kill Armenians based on their own racial biases. This is an unfortunate turn of events, but it certainly seems to be the current reality.

  • Yes, the Turks were guilty of genocide against the Armenians.

    Turkey (formerly the Ottoman Empire) was guilty of committing genocide against the Armenians during World War I. There is now a debate inside Turkey as to whether the country needs to formerly acknowledge that the atrocities took place. Turkey could take a huge step in healing these wounds by admitting that the country had committed genocide, and offering a formal apology to the Armenian community.

  • Yes, the Turkish history shows them guilty of genocide against Armemia

    The history of Turkey in 1915 to 1920 shows that there were about 2 million Armenians living in Turkey. Due to massacres and deportation, about 1.5 million Armenian were expelled from Turkey. Although Turkey does not claim this history, it was clearly a planned action of genocide and there are sources to verify that it occurred.

  • Yes, Turkey committed genocide against the Armenians during World War I.

    Yes, Turkey committed genocide against the Armenians during World War I. Around 1.5 million people were killed by the people of Turkey during World War I under the Ottoman Empire. Historians are almost unanimous in their agreement that this genocide occurred and that it was the first one of the 20th century. The word genocide was coined to describe the sheer size of it.

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