Are TV and Internet the leading causes of violence?

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  • No, there's a difference between cause and encouragement.

    I think it may be true that tv and the internet may provide an excuse and an encouragement for violence when young people stare at their screens for too long. However, this is not the same as causing the behavior, as it is human nature in its greed and anger that when unchecked takes its cues from such material.

  • no its not

    Younger generations, unlike their parents' generations, often socialize, hang out, and communicate online, rather than in person. They prefer to text rather than talk on the phone, and often prefer to socialize on Twitter or Facebook rather than in the local bar, on the street or at the town square.

    The digital divide: The younger generation has been referred to as being one of "Digital Natives" while the older generation has been referred to as one of "Digital Immigrants."

    Unlike the older generation, young people are highly capable of effective multitasking, which is sometimes seen by the older generation as a lack of attention and focus.

    Some young people spend much too much time in front of a computer screen, spending up to 20 hours a day, seven days a week.

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