• Yes, TVs can be considered more dangerous than guns.

    TVs are more dangerous than guns in some respects. Anyone can have one, there are no restrictions on TV ownership. With guns, people must pass basic background checks. TVs allow a lot of content into homes that was never there before it was invented, including violent images. It can desensitize people to violence. TVs allow people to play violent video games, which have been known to be used as "training" by people who later commit crimes. So, in some ways, it could be seen as being violent. If media didn't exist in the form of TV, video games, and movies that desensitize people to violence, it's possible there would be less violence.

  • No, guns are dangerous.

    Television is merely a tool that can entertain and educate us if we use it well and wisely. Guns are things that can go off by accident and hurt or kill people. Televisions can be used judiciously and often are, while guns in the wrong hands are just going to wreak havoc.

  • TV's can't kill people unless they fall on them.

    The last time I checked, there was never a case where a TV went into a school and killed a bunch of children. So by that measure, no, television is not more dangerous than a loaded gun. But television, at least what we allow to be shown on it, can be insidious and hasten our moral decay.

  • TVs do not kill

    Even though television has been proven to wrongfully influence someone to commit a horrible act of violence, I really don't see how anyone could think a TV is more violent then a gun. A gun is weapon that is designed to kill, while a TV is a system designed o entertain.

  • TVs are not more dangerous than guns.

    Unless there is a criminal throwing TVs at the elderly, this question is preposterous. Guns are by far more dangerous than TVs, unless you are trying to get deep and analyze exactly what "dangerous" means. But in any case, a gun is more dangerous in terms of violence and culture than a TV.

  • Guns are cool.

    TVs confuse young immature minds yet do not do any actual real life harm. Guns cause real damage and worse yet have a 'cool' reputation that gives the owner of a gun a feeling of power which increases the chances of one actually doing damage using a gun. Nobody cares about what one watches on television therefore people are less likely to be negatively influenced by it much less do anything bad with it.

  • No, TV's are not more dangerous than guns!

    I think that television can be influencal concerning what people believe, but if you do not like what you are watching, you can turn the channel. You control what you and your family watches on TV. Televison has never killed a person. Saying that TV is more dangerous than guns, is the same as saying that McDonalds made me fat!

  • No, TVs are not more dangerous than guns

    TVs are a problem in our society, but to correlate them to fire arms is not practical. In an instant, a fire arm can kill dozens if not more people. Television can be educational, entertaining and serve at times as a baby sitter for a busy Mom. But to think that it is as dangerous as a gun is not true.

  • TV's can be turned off guns can not.

    TV only has control over what people allow it to. If a program is too violent or to influential, you can always turn the channel or turn it off. A gun, however, once fired can not be taken back and the damage is permanent. People have control over what the TV can do to them, a person with a gun in their face can not change that channel or turn it off.

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