• As someone with an identical twin. . .

    As someone with an identical twin, I can confirm twins are indeed scary. I'd be looking at myself in the mirror and next thing you know it is no longer a reflection of myself but an actual being. I pushed my abomination of the second floor when we were young and yet he survived. Keep in mind the street was made out of rocks and pebbles collected from the beach. (Beach house) This is beyond proof that action needs to be taken. If he won't die, I guess I gotta take one for the team, Chief.

  • Twins are abominations and deserved to be killed at birth, God made a mistake in the womb

    Either pick one or kill both of them, They are clearly a mistake and a disgrace upon the natural world God has made for us. Twins are the result of a lustful wife who has slept more than she has done to put in her work and good faith.

    She is an abomination and so is her offspring, Let them be smited.

  • One could be a demon

    If you have twins, Then one could be a demon and the other would be the real one and you can't tell which is which so you have to take precautions and be safe and demons are scary so twins are scary kai told me this so there you go

  • Twins can be very scary especially if they are identical,

    Twins can be very scary especially if they are identical, They are natures clones, A creepy science experiment, A joke god played on parents and teachers, Who can tell them apart? I know a pair very nice girls can't remember which is which, Can't tell the apart, Even though they are both very nice, It just unnerves me? Who am i talking to? Which one? I have to ask

  • Twins can be scary.

    I'm not saying their existence is scary but they can use their naturally born gifts to do a great many evil things. I used to date someone who had a twin sister and after we broke up I realized that whenever she would cheat on me whenever we were supposed to be going on a date or something more intimate she'd just have her twin take her place. Along with the occasional practical prank here and there.

  • Twins are not scary!

    I am a twin and we are just normal people. I believe that some twins are actually less scary than other people because they are easy to get along with because they are mostly always happy because they always have a best friend with them, Their twin! I also think that horror movies shouldn’t put twins in the movie because it puts the wrong idea in people’s heads about twins. They are just normal people.

  • Oh HELL NO!

    I am a twin, And it's really aggravating when people says twins are creepy. We're not! Just because we finish each others sentences or say/do things at the same time doesn't mean we're freaks. And it's not surprising that we happen to buy the same things or choose the same career path without collaborating first. It just means that our thought processes and preferences/dislikes are very (though not always) similar. "Oh, But your secret language is SPOOOOKY! " Is it really? A good friend of mine and his wife have a secret language too, So he completely understood me and my twin. Quite honestly, I think Hollywood needs to start portraying twins in a more positive and realistic light if they haven't already (looking at you, Kubrick).

  • How would you feel?

    If you were a twin how would you feel if some one says your scary? Twins are not always scary. Sure you don't always know which ones which but they were created for a reason. I am a twin and we are normal. I know some one who had septuplets does that make them scary just because they were born at the same time?

  • What how seriously

    They are normal people who are born at the same time what even how do you even draw this conclusion this genuinley does not make any sense honestly screw this everyone who says yes is insane and i don't ven trust the wordld anymore! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Not Inherently Scary

    Twins are not inherently scary. To simply state that they are is quite frankly absurd.

    Sure, Twins can be scary when put in white dresses, Black wigs that hang over their faces and sprinting down the hall and towards you.

    But the same could be said for one person. Or three people. Identical or not.

    People just happen to think they're scary because they've been used as an instrument to scare in horror movies.

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