Are two income households a good model for society?

Asked by: Perfectlocke
  • Brilliant role models

    Two income households are good role models to society. Firstly, they are representing equality. Why should the man work and the woman stay at home? (Or vice versa). Both genders have talents and they should be used outside the home. (Eg. In hospitals, in shops, parliament). They should also be paid for their work. When a house has 2 income providers, it means they have more money to spend. In this day and age, it's difficult for just one person to provide for the whole family as prices are high and salaries/wages are lower.
    Both my parents have worked my whole life and I believe I have become more independent because of it. If a mother constantly spends time with their child, it's going to be a huge adjustment for them once they move out. Knowing that my mom works has made me more confident as I know I can too.

  • It is just obvious.

    The fact of the matter is that it contributes to the growing number of divorces as well. With two people needed to support the family, there is less time to spend as a family. Without that family time and the money struggles that affect the middle class, it puts a large burden on marriages that might not survive regardless, never mind when they don't have the time to remember why they married in the first place.

  • As old fashioned as I'm gonna be

    You need the old school family to make happiness. Sons want a nurturing and loving mother who's always home and a father who goes out and wins the bread. I'm not saying women shouldn't be allowed to work, but I believe sacrifices should be made for family. Sacrifice is what it's all about.

  • Two income households are the reason our economy is in such disrepair and the income gap is increasing.

    Due to the rise of two income households in modern society our economy has taken a huge hit. The economy is driven by consumers spending money for goods and services and thus it follows that should their ability to purchase those goods and services diminish the demand would drop and the economy would suffer. Good business practice is based on trying to maximize your profit by reducing your bottom line. The overabundance of workers entering the workforce has caused a huge spike in demand for jobs without a similar adjustment in supply thus creating a problem in our economy. In the past workers had leverage because there wasn't such a huge imbalance between jobs and workers. Since women did not work to the same extent in the past the workforce was much smaller than it is today. In addition to population growth we had a huge spike in workers due to women entering the marketplace. This allowed businesses to be very selective in their hiring practices and also hire qualified people who are willing to work for less in order to reduce their bottom line. As long has we encourage a two income system the wealth gap will increase and more people will continue to fall into poverty unable to support themselves on their meager wages. It affects those with limited skills at first but it will eventually work it's way up to the middle class which we have already begun to see the effects of.

  • Two income households

    NO. Two income households are the result of inflation and lower wages.
    After World War II one spouse was able to support a family and pay for their children's college and healthcare. Back then two spouses working
    was a choice, not a necessity to make ends meet. Soon Two incomes
    will not be enough.

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