Are U.S. businesses increasing the dependence on welfare by refusing to increase minimum wage?

  • $7.24 isnt close to a liveable wage in ANY state in the U.S.

    When corporations actually end their quarters with profits in excess of 4 billion dollars and the CEOS, and heads of the company pocket that money while the economy suffers, they are complicit in the failure of america.

    I want to make clear that i am for capitalism and people making money and derserving to keep what they make and im not advocating the government to just take their money. But they arent seeing the potential profits they should be and they arent helping the system that aided in their success. By paying more people could actual live save and indulge in excess such as adding more to the economy. This will help the business themselves out.
    And in a way they are at fault along with the poor government management of priorities and money as to why the plight of america continues.

    Posted by: iv54
  • The Government is at fault.

    The Government's lack of incentives for employers to maintain and keep employees working long term for increased pay has not been addressed by a government subsidy. Employers are not able to increase minimum wage, because the general public is unaware that the cost of an employee at minimum wage is actually twice his pay for the employer, which half of the cost for an employee is also paid by the employer for taxes, health insurance, insurance policy's, etc.

    Additionally, what ever US businesses remain in the US, an increase in the minimum wage is highly unlikely as most US job's no longer require a trade, skill or craft, due to severe corporate outsourcing to countries like China.

    Concluding, the dependency on welfare is really a sign of a failing middle class, which is usually the fault of the bourgeoise. The fault is not of the rich, but often the rich who are insecure and fear the risk of falling into poverty because of the very legal blockades they have construed through the corruption of a nation's governing legislative bodies.

    The United States will not be fixed, because the government has become the cancer of its own society. Unlike ordinary cancer, the governments attachment to its host is protected by an uniformed public, a docile and obedient civil slave, who cheers at the crumbs handed to them and blaspheme's any form of truth as a conspiracy if it goes against the opinion of it's propagandized news outlets.

    Posted by: kr0d
  • People need to do their math.

    Every time minimum wage goes up, it becomes harder and harder for youth to find jobs. That's fact. When minimum wage goes up, employers must fire people or give people less hours... They just have to. Then the people with a little bit higher pay must take over the job of the fired individual... So in the end, it's more work for a little more pay and less hours. This does not benefit the poor. The poor are usually incompetent just like youth and for minimum wage, employers do not have time to train people. Businesses are taxed SO much, they cannot afford it. Look and see how much small businesses are taxed. It's ridiculous. Don't let me tell you how little gas station actually profit compare to what's being taxed... Minimum wage only appears to benefit people, those that believe it does are simply ignorant.

  • Of Course Not

    Ignoring the crackpot Marxism of the other side, these are entry-level positions that require no skill or education. These jobs are intended to be temporary stepping stones..Not careers to support a family of four. You could always eliminate Social Security, which means that 12.4% contribution would go into their pocket but no one is willing to abandon that ponzi scheme. At any rate, the other side will destroy these jobs and nurture the poor choices of those who would consider making a career out of serving french fries. What's scary is that in a modern economy so many people are quite content to never even finish a free public education and haven't bothered acquiring a single marketable skill and demand artificially high wages that will eliminate the only jobs they are even capable of performing. Well, good-bye Whopper combo and get ready for government beans and cheese rations.

  • It is a violation of the business owner's rights for them to be forced to pay any rate at all.

    Employment is not forced on an individual. Neither is the Wage that he makes. The perspective employee may decline a job for low pay, seek higher paying skills, or negotiate for higher pay... But it is a violation of the business owner's rights for them to be forced to pay any rate at all. Everything can be and should be negotiable.

    I work in the Transportation Industry with Owner Operator Truck Drivers. If they don't like the rate of pay i'm offering for a shipment they either, negotiate, or tell me to piss off. And conversly, there are poor performing trucks that will take bad rates, and trucks with high standards of service that charge a premium. They don't need anyone to hold their hand to conduct business... Why do you?

    "Since the things man needs for survival have to be produced, and nature does not guarantee the success of any human endeavor, there is not and cannot be any such thing as a guaranteed economic security. The employer who gives you a job, has no guarantee that his business will remain in existence, that his customers will continue to buy his products or services. The customers have no guarantee that they will always be able and willing to trade with him, no guarantee of what their needs, choices and incomes will be in the future. If you retire to a self-sustaining farm, you have no guarantee to protect you from what a flood or a hurricane might do to your land and your crops. If you surrender everything to the government and give it total power to plan the whole economy, this will not guarantee your economic security, but it will guarantee the descent of the entire nation to a level of miserable poverty—as the practical results of every totalitarian economy, communist or fascist, have demonstrated.

    Morally, the promise of an impossible “right” to economic security is an infamous attempt to abrogate the concept of rights. It can and does mean only one thing: a promise to enslave the men who produce, for the benefit of those who don’t. “If some men are entitled by right to the products of the work of others, it means that those others are deprived of rights and condemned to slave labor.” (“Man’s Rights” in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.) There can be no such thing as the right to enslave, i.E., the right to destroy rights." -Ayn Rand

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pennyformythoughts says2013-07-23T23:30:13.910
I cant say that living off 7.25 is possible and i cant say minimum wage going up wouldnt cause everything else to go up along with it(like food gas ect) therefore doing no good.