• Yes, there are still minorities

    As long as there are people in power that are able to discriminate against people based on some aspect of their being (race, sex, orientation, etc.) there are going to be minorities. While what defines these groups may change, but they are always going to exist. Women still make seventy cents for a man's dollar in an equal job. Gays still can't marry. This is why there are still minorities.

  • Minorities Still Hold Their Position in the US

    Groups that have been labeled a minority still hold that label in society today. That label is assigned to many ethnic groups who are small in numbers or have little social power. Statistics show us that these groups are growing as country's population grows and change, but they are indeed still the minorities of America.

  • Yes

    Yes I do think that the United States minorities are still minorities because they have fewer people in their particular group than the majority. It's pretty plain and simple. People can try to deny that they do not see differences in minorities but I will never believe that. I also think that these common groups will always face some form of discrimination.

  • It's time to do away with the idea of minorities

    There is no such thing as a real minority in the US anymore. This is simply now just an artificial concept used for political purposes. This labeling leads to constant division and a perputual sense of entitlement to compenstation, and should be done away with. Society would be better served by truly considering everyone equal rather than breaking people up into minorities.

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