• Yes, most schools are safe.

    U.S. schools are very safe, with a few exceptions. In general the average U.S. school is safe because they have staff who know how to react in a dangerous situation. Many schools do drills monthly to rehearse what to do and where to go in case of an emergency, and school staff are able to contact the police swiftly and promptly.

  • Yes they arw

    I think that we should have USA schools be safe ok and yes I think that we should have trump to and yes I think that we should have USA and USA schools are indeed safe and sound ok ok so yeah we should have USA schools safe and sound

  • U. S. Schools Are Safe

    U. S. Schools are completely safe they teach kids about safety and of course in order to fight back against the thieves and active shooters ok and yes I think that u. S. Schools are absolutely and completely safe ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok good bye

  • Pretty Much safe.

    Schools are pretty safe. There are metal detectors, guards, Fences, and more at the school I'm currently going to, so take it from me when i say that schools are very safe. I'm sure that all of the students here feel as safe as they need to be here at school.

  • Schools are totally safe.

    Schools have made an effort to become safer than they already are. Schools have metal detectors, security cameras, required ID badges, and have dress codes. This prevents a lot of issues from happening. Schools also have emergency plans to prevent anything from happening. The lockdown drills are similar to fire drills.

  • As safe as they can be.

    U.S. Schools have all sorts of safety precautions in place, and I believe they are as safe as they can be. Short of methods that would prohibit enough time in the school day to accomplish school, there is not much more that can be done to insure the safety of our schools.

  • Yes, they are.

    US schools are as safe as you can expect them to be. There are a few that exist in a bad area, or more troubled city, that could probably use some help or increased security, but overall I would have to say that US schools are very safe and try hard to maintain that safety.

  • It is America

    We need guns for no reason. Children get put at danger every day at school because, We have guns. At school I always felt unsafe and vulnerable. That isn't right and all we need to do is ban guns from the great USA! Thank you for reading U S A

  • The simple fix is right beyond the corner

    There is often only one guard in a school, and there is not simple things like metal detectors, even the police can take 10 minutes to react to a violent shooting. Sure, most schools put in place things like ALICE, but none of them ever take the simple, effective courses of action. Instead, they focus on what happens once the shooter is already inside the building, when they need to just keep the shooter out in the first place.

  • Schools shooting have been increased upon years growing.

    We need to find a way to make schools safer like the lawsuit of armed teachers. If this does not succeed, we might need to have metal detectors. If not, we need police. If not, we need a secure system of protecting schools for all students and to make them feel safe too. More and more tech has come out and it is destroying our world in various ways, so schools security is the solution in some cases.

  • No they are not

    Many schools do have a good system but they can not totally protect us if a teacher gets shot that is guarding children then the shooter could shoot the children too.Also not many schools are taking time to figure out red flags and see if there is any one who would wan to harm that school.

  • Schools are so not safe!

    Schools aren't safe because the teachers can’t really help kids be safe in storms. Someone will get hurt and teachers won’t be able to save us getting killed or hurt. There should probably be a cop and he or she will walk around and make sure people are safe and they can tell the police office to arrest the person.
    Also the school itself isn't always safe. The school might have been not strong when it was built.

  • Not as much as they should be.

    In most schools they have precautions to help insure the safety of their students. However, in some scenarios fights and threats are serious, and some even require medical attention. Much much worse scenarios are the school shootings done by students. How in the world is a school safe when a student can bring a gun in and shoot others, injuring or even killing them? That's not safe and they're could be a numerous amount of other methods of protection.

  • No, they are not

    Of course schools are not safe. Adults looking from the outside in have no idea what is going on inside them. Not all schools are safe and not one is completely safe. It all depends on the area too. America is huge. Saying the whole entire country is safe is a long shot.

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