• The farm industry is subsidized.

    Yes, stock futures are moving up, because so many futures have to deal with the price of agriculture products. As these products are supported by the government, and as populations grow and more immigrants come into the country, the futures prices for commodities like beans and wheat will rise along with the increases.

  • U.S. Stocks Recover Along with Economy

    After a harrowing hit to the stock market during the housing crisis and the subsequent recession - things have started to look up. Future retirement accounts are still among the most successful and promising which gives hope that stability is returning to the stock market as employment stabilizes and the economy .

  • Yes, The U.S. stock is moving up.

    Yes, The U.S. Stock is moving up. The U.S. Stock futures seem to be doing quite well these days. I think there is a very bright future for the economy and that always helps. I see a very big boom in the united states future so stocks can only go much higher.

  • Yes, they are.

    They inched up a little bit on Friday and we'll see what they do after the long holiday weekend. I think in general well will see a correction in the stock market but people are still buying until that happens. I think it would be very hard to predict what will happen in the next 6 to 9 months.

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