• Yes, specifically civilian casualties.

    I feel like this would be common sense, but...

    "A new working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds 'strong evidence for a revenge effect' when examining the relationship between civilian casualties caused by the U.S.-led military coalition in Afghanistan and radicalization after such incidents occur.

    "'When ISAF units kill civilians,' the research team finds, referring to the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan, 'this increases the number of willing combatants, leading to an increase in insurgent attacks.' According to their model, every innocent civilian killed by ISAF predicts an 'additional 0.03 attacks per 1,000 population in the next 6-week period.' In a district of 83,000 people, then, the average of two civilian casualties killed in ISAF-initiated military action leads to six additional insurgent attacks in the following six weeks."


    All we are doing by slaughtering innocent civilians is the Middle East is giving "the terrorists" more reasons to hate us. Heck, is this not the very reason Dzhokhar Tsarnaev gave for he and his brother's actions in the Boston Bombing? If we really want to stop terrorism, we need to get the heck out of the Middle East ASAP.

  • Terror only breeds more terror

    American military operations for the most part prop up and advantage one faction in a country over the other. Intervention in internal matters of another country often cause grievances and can cause people to see as the head or partner to ills/enemies that they hate. This could cause them to carry out attacks against the United states.
    Secondly Indiscriminate bombing can cause grievances which cause populations to see america as an enemy, joining militant groups can be an outlet for their grievances.
    This may cause people

  • Yes yes yes

    The United States is very culpable for the situation in the middle east. We've meddled in their affairs for far too long. Bin Laden was CIA trained and funded in the 70's and look how that turned out. The US needs to mind their own business and let the middle eastern people handle the situation themselves.

  • Despite the comments below

    Continued presence in the Middle East has more than likely proportionally increased the number of deaths and terrorist recruitments. This is purely speculative. Violence begets violence. A slight in the eyes of one may be perceived as an insult in the eyes of another. One's attempts to assist may be taken as an intrusion, invasion, and/or. Occupation. Positive intentions by one may be considered negative by another.

  • We are antagonistic

    United States foreign policy initiatives are only exacerbating current situations and creating an environment in which we hold sole hegemony. We funded the Taliban, we funded Al-Qaeda, and now we're on the verge of funding the Syrian rebels. These maneuvers are causal of our current crisis. It is completely antithetical to fund terrorists to end terrorism.

  • Obviously it is.

    For each civilian killed. That person has a brother and father who is willing to fight. For each person killed he has a cousin or uncle willing to fight. For each child killed he has friends who will want to avenge his death in the future. We are creating more terrorists.

  • WHAT wars can do is only to make people bear hatred and create another wars and terrors.

    THE states has been doing all kinds of merciless and inhuman things under such lame excuses like saving, helping, intermediating neighborhoods. They should stop doing it not only for suffered ones but also themselves. Or they ought to use a peaceful way. It seems that the only thing they really want is to dispose of tons of the weapons that bring them benefis.

  • Yes. The reason they hate us is because we are walking into their homes and killing them.

    This war was never about terrorism. Its about land control, oil and greed. We constantly fly drones over Palestinian territory, scaring civilians. We have subjugated the people in these other middle eastern countries just because of their religion. We have destroyed and ruined the sanctity of their holy grounds. We relocate certain peoples just because of their ethnicity or religion. We have been giving money to governments that would further the wars in the middle east. If we continue these wars we will only breed a generation of hate and racism. If we don't stop what we are doing now we will have major consequences.

  • If people attacked my country with drones...

    I would most certainly rise against them. I don't what race, creed, or nationality you are, if you march into my town, incite war, kill civilians (150,000+), fly drones, and bomb me, I am not going to sit back and take it. Sure, some percentage would, and some percentage are honestly named terrorists (as in meets the actual definition of terrorist) but the vast majority are not.

    In a war for "hearts and minds" it is hard to rationalize the war, especially if you are an Iraqi sitting in the ruins of what was once your home surrounded by American checkpoints. I'd be pretty pissed, to say the least.

  • Yes at a stage it does

    Because of war distruction the people feel like there religion is in danger because of the outsider and need more Jihadis. Patriotism is a feeling which rises very easily on the stage of war and the feel to defend and do something for the country. America just wants oil so they are interfering in middle east that's it.

  • Well that's a charged Question..

    Is it creating terrorists? Yes.... Is it creating MORE terrorists? No.

    It's going to create terrorists, but proportionately small compared to how many it's getting rid of. Terrorist activity in the area has gotten larger, but not the amount of terrorists causing the activity.

    The Number of Terrorists are still decreasing.

  • Technically its killing them

    I mean the wars are being fought to kill terrorists, and we've killed a good amount of them already, so by following the logic of 2+2=4 we can conclude that the US wars in the MIddle East are killing terrorists, not creating them. Some argue that we are only inspiring civilians to become terrorists with our presence in Middle Eastern countries, but they dont realize that we're just going to kill them in the future when we invade other countries.

    Its all a cycle where we invade a country to kill terrorists, cause more to become terrorists, and then kill them in the next war. 2 parts killing and 1 part creating means we are killing more then we are creating.


  • Brainwashing religion knowledge

    Whether US entered or not, the hostility already existed. It is the way people were kept in the dark, all media controlled by govt. At an early age, you were told that your problems (poor, country in turmoil, infighting between groups) were caused by US. If there was group fighting, they would say, the opposition was funded by US. If your family died, it was US. As a child, you would harbor that hatred, just like the hatred to Israel. On top of that, the leaders treated you well, gave some support to you, and taught you religious terrorism that you would go to heaven and bring honor to family, to someone who has nothing to live for, it seemed a good option.
    It was brainwashing at early age, lack of knowledge, and religion the basis of terrorism. No matter US was there or not, terrorism exists. The leaders chose how to brainwash and target who.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T19:18:31.050
*Please see my comments regarding the American role during the founding of Al Qaeda. (One opinion before this one in the index of opinions)

Irrational violence is next to impossible to combat, except with escalating, and in some cases overwhelming violence. The goal is more to liberate those who wish to be liberated then to blatantly attack the middle eastern world. A plea for help by the men, women, children, and their families to escape their seemingly impossible situation cannot simply be ignored. The governments that share the value of protecting and defending these people tend to be those supported by allied forces. Those who choose to relegate these people to property and assets as a sheild to protect their power and control tend to be the opposition of the allied forces.

It is unfortunate that U.S. Forces are seen as beligerent occupiers in some cases. This perception MAY be due to a lack or breakdown of leadership and cultural awareness within the military structure, especially the boots on the ground. America is having a tough enough time uniting the various subcultures at home. Imagine the task of doing so in a foreign land without the physical and social structures in place to support it. The U.S. May be instigating further terrorist activity by their middle eastern presence, but a frontal base of operations is required in the battle to help those that are requesting it. In many cases the requests go unheard due to opposition government censorship or fear of retribution from speaking out.

The U.S. Is undoubtedly, though inadvertantly, perpetuating the recruitment of terrorists in the middle east in their quest to assist, but it may be magnitudes worse if such radical ideas, individuals, and their leaders were allowed to grow, spread, and gain more expansive power on the world stage.

That world be a severe threat.

Caviat: An improved and expedited method for assimilation and integration into a peaceful society as well as further cultural awareness training is necessary to promote a peaceful transition. It is impossible to change a culture overnight, but it is not impossible to assist and accelerate their evolution.