• UFO's are real and there is evidence

    1. There is eyewitness testimony, Millions of people world wide see UFOs, 2. UFOs have been photographed, the best photographs and videos I have seen are the ones in the invasion Illinois episode of the UFO hunters season. A large triangle craft was seen flying over Tinley Park and elsewhere throughout the world, it was proven to NOT be flares, and remains unidentified. And 3. UFOs leave marks on the ground and radiation effects on people. UFO's are definitely real due to these reasons and I believe they are interdimensional rather than just extraterrestrial in nature, and the government is trying to cover up their existence.

  • I have a picture of one that I took myself.

    If the government has no knowledge of aliens, then why does Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, make it illegal for U.S. Citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles?
    It is extremely arrogant of us to believe that because we have not developed the ability to accomplish something then no one else could either. What if the inventors of the eighteen and nineteen hundreds had succumbed to the same logic?
    I know they exist because I have seen one. I have had people look at the picture and claim that it just can't be real. Those same people will tell you that Iron can't float.

  • Yes, but what is the probability they are extraterrestrial and artificial?

    I've known a few trustworthy people who have seen UFO's, none of them think visiting aliens are plausible. How many planets do we know of that have sentient beings that fly craft in space and in our atmosphere? The answer is less than two. Since we are ON one of these planets right now, and this is where the sightings happen, they're probably from here.

  • We are not alone.

    Yes, (U)nidentified (F)lying (O)bjects are real. If it is flying and You dont know what it is then its unidentified to you. I cant prove that any being from outer space has ever come to earth, but scientist have recently announced that their are other planets that support life. It is ignorant and idiotic to assume that aliens don't exist.

  • UFOs are real

    By definition, UFOs are real, that is a fact. There are unidentified flying objects every year. Whether the UFOs are possibly extraterrestrial in nature is a separate question. In regards to if some UFOs are in fact extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional or perhaps time travelers, I think there is sufficient evidence in the black ops community where if they were given immunity from the powers that be, the truth would come out.

    First hand testimony from experienced and highly credentialed people is overwhelming, and people like Gordon Cooper continue to shed light on this perplexing and mind boggling, paradigm shifting question.

  • No doubt in my mind.

    Google "battle over Los Angeles 1942". Case closed. This is undeniable proof in extra terrestrial space craft visiting our planet. Read the transcripts of what the Army said. They shot AA shells and didn't phase it. This is also the first account of our Gov. Denying their existence in the face of what our Army personnel said.

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  • Ufo's are real

    UFO’S are real because of there name. Did you know that UFO actually stands for unidentified flying object. For example if any of you has watched the underdog you would know that they didn’t know what the dog was so therefore it would also be classified a UFO because it was an unidentified flying object. So accordingly to this a UFO is real because it can be any flying object that nobody has seen before it doesn’t have to be an alien space craft.

  • Why wouldn't they exit?

    They would because we would be concede of humans not to think that we are not alone. I mean it happened to Earth, why wouldn't happen somewhere else? You can't answer that, because it can happen, there are other stars to give heat and such to produce life so why wouldn't it exist?
    What we need is some real dedicated and collaborative work between all corners of science and alien study to give enough reassuring evidence to alien history on earth.

  • Yes They are

    When UFOs come closer than 150 metres to humans, these sightings are called close encounters. There are four types of close encounters, which are called as close encounter 1, 2 and 3, close encounter 4 is an abduction really. The reported speed of UFOs can change dramatically. UFOs can hover silently for a long time then instantly fly off at great speed. Way faster than any aircraft!

  • As in "visiting aliens"? No.

    While the term "unidentified flying object" might delineate something real (often that is LATER identified to be domestic aircraft or weather balloons). But the alien claims are just absurd. The so-called "photos" and "videos" are easily debunked and the alleged "eyewitnesses" can't provide a shred of verification for their wild stories.

  • Mostly just hippies imagining things.

    While I have no reason to doubt that the Earth is not unique and that there is virtually certain to be other civilizations out there, observations of spectacular things tend to be hallucinations, bluffs or wishful thinking. I also believe that it's unlikely that there exists any compelling reason for all the worlds governments to cover up the existence of alien civilizations should one have visited us. Aliens could come visit us any time, but I don't think they are doing it regularly now.

    I have assumed the question is about UFOs originating from an extraterrestrial intelligence. Otherwise there are of course lots of UFOs, anything flying without a transponder more or less.

  • UFO's are not real.

    I used to believe in this UFO crap but for quite some time now I've rejected it because there's so many fallacies and inconsistencies in this myth. One thing that annoys me is people claiming they saw a UFO because they witnessed a bright light in the sky. A bright light could mean a million other things such as the sun, a loose balloon, a star during the nighttime or so many other things that could resemble a UFO. Not for one moment do I deny there's life somewhere else in this gigantic universe but it doesn't automatically entail the mainstream media depiction of aliens or even for that matter flying saucers or discs known as UFOs. People who believe in this mumbo jumbo clearly live in a fantasy world and should be checked out by a psychiatrist or psychologist ASAP. Anybody who even mildly believes in this stuff is psychotic or delusional. Also take into notice that our military builds things that have supersonic speed and have unique designs therefore making you think it's a UFO. Haven't any of you seen the stealth aircraft and at first thought it looks like an out of this world object? You're unquestionably lying to me and yourself if you say no. Alien life is a broad term and could even mean microbiological life such as bacteria and/or germs which isn't intelligent life you dickheads. Do everyone a favor and grow up already so at least you can be proud of yourselves that you came out of your baby phases. If I can do it so can any of you.

  • I just googled it. No dice. Binging it wouldn't result in anything either.

    I tried searching for the "Unified Freemasons Organisation". No luck. Certain sites reveal the origins of Freemasonry ranging from the 19th century backtracking to 1425! Unfortunately, no UFO whatsoever. The Freemasonry Purge AKA Suppression of Freemasonry did last until a known 20th century occurrence. Maybe it's still doing its job today! Maybe that's why there ain't no UFO anymore! Actually, that might also denote the fact that the Unified Freemasons Organisation never existed in the first place. Maybe the UFO was never real to begin with. O.O

  • There has been no proof of alien activity on earth

    Eye witness accounts have been proven to be unreliable because people can lie, hallucinate, be schizophrenic etc. with that in mind why trust them at all they never have evidence to back them up. That and at least 98% have been proven to be something else not piloted by alien because we've never found bodies or technology from alien space craft. Plus it takes 100,000 years to cross the milky way galaxy at light speed so why think they could come to earth at all.

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tahir123 says2013-07-15T19:58:41.527
This is proof UFOs exist skip to 39 minutes to see the final analysis and the fact there are unidentified flying objects flying around our earth
tahir123 says2013-07-15T22:41:04.760
Debunk the videos I posted if you are truthful, they are not flares so what are they?