• Yes But Ugg Needs To Stop With The Cruelty.

    I used to love UGGs still do to a degree, I like the way they look and feel. But I do believe that UGG manufactures are being cruel to sheep there has been a bit of a uprising over how they get the fur from the sheep (accusations of it being done inhumanely). I have no problem with the sheep being used to keep my feet warm. My belief like a few of yours is that the sheep is there for us to use, we should be using all of the sheep that we can as to not waste the resource, and we should be doing it humanely. (Killing the sheep before skinning it.) My dislike started when I noticed alot of UGGs ripping with very little use, they didnt even last a full season- walking to and from the car. Now to the whole reason why I am currently disgusted with UGG. About a month ago a red stain showed up on my sisters boot after she got them wet walking outside. She finally got around to cleaning her boots today and they literally started to bleed. When the leather became wet the blood underneath came to the surface. I cant post pictures on here there is a link to some photos on imgur.
    After seeing all that blood seeping from her boots I cant even think of putting on my own.

  • Yes comfortable cute and classic

    I think that uggs are great, they keep your feet warm and, also it's easy to throw on a pair of ugh with some sweats and a T shirt I think that looks girly but also casual. I also do believe that compared to most other brands like uggs the quality really good

  • You pay extra for waterproof boots!?

    BOOTS ARE INHERENTLY UNDERSTOOD TO BE WATERPROOF! The fact that the original release of Uggs classics are not waterproof boggles my mind. "Boots are intended to be worn for protection against the snow, rain, and cold" - Ta Sandra NewKirk, an avid Uggs collector. This argument is not bias at all.

  • I believe not

    Uggs have been made fun of by fashionistas for years. That is definitely a fashion don't. They are comfortable, but they just look so sloppy. If you really want a pair, I suggest only wearing them around the house. It is often thought of to be cool to wear uggs, but that is far from the truth.

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