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  • Nope, they are not.

    More than half of the people who qualify for unemployment benefits don't even receive them.I think unemployment benefits are the least of reasons why we are broke. We give away money we don't have. We approve bills that are extremely expensive and completely pointless. This turns into debt....Debt that is now unpayable.

  • No, they are not.

    Unemployment benefits are not making us broke. It would be unfair to place all the blame on one thing like that. The country is broke for a large deal of reasons, and unemployment is probably at the bottom of that list. The money spent on that is nothing compared to how much we owe other countries.

  • No, not really.

    Unemployment benefits are set up for those who have suddenly lost their job, in most cases due to the business having to let people go because they can no longer afford as many workers in this economy. The country is having economic problems for many reasons, but I would not say that benefits would be the largest or most prominent one right now.

  • No, unemployment benefits are not making us broke.

    Are unemployment benefits making us broke? If anything I would have to assume the unemployment benefits are helping families to keep from going broke. The country is in debt for a wide variety of reasons, but I do not think unemployment is a large issue, if at all one in general.

  • No, they are not.

    Unemployment benefits help out a great deal in families that have the main money maker lose their job. It is in some cases the only thing keep food on the table, or clothes on their backs. The benefits are needed for these families and do a lot to keep them going and able to look good for their next job.

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