• Yes they are.

    Uniforms help kids pay attention to there work instead of their peers. You want to succeed in life and not worry about their peers and what they wear or how expensive there clothes are compared to their peers. How you dress doesn't express who you are it's how you act, Who you hang out with, And expressing yourself is what is important.

  • Yes they are well

    They are very good for fitting. I at first wasn't keen on wearing uniforms, but after wearing them for a bit I found that it isn't as bad as it seemed. They make you look at everyone just like you would yourself, and help you feel connected with your fellow students more.

  • Yes, uniforms are good

    In my opinion, uniform bring out character and individuality more than non- uniform clothes because with uniforms you express your uniqueness through their hobbies, art, music, and jewelry. And think of all those "new kids" in schools. They are sometimes not accepted because they do not wear the trends of their new school, but with uniforms, they can't be judged because of their clothes. Plus, a lot of uniform schools I know of don't have uniforms every day, so they still get to wear normal clothes sometimes.

  • I think uniforms can be a good thing.

    I think uniforms can be a good thing. In a working environment, uniforms help establish who a person is, and what they do without having to ask them. If you a see a police officer on the street in uniform, you know you can go to him or her for help. If you are in a retail store and you see someone in a store uniform, you know that is a person you can ask questions too.

  • They can be.

    Uniforms can be good because it takes out the hardest part of some student's day, the part where they have to figure out what to wear. These students need to know what they are going to wear so that there is no social pressure in looking cool or keeping up with others.

  • Yes, it prevents differences

    In certain situations such as school settings and sports settings, having uniforms is a good idea. In school settings, uniforms help prevent kids from appearing obviously poor or obviously rich. Children can be especially sensitive at a young age, they want to appear the same as others. Children can be mean and harass each other over the outfits they wear. Having uniforms can help prevent this from happening.

  • Uniforms are Good

    Yes, uniforms are good, be it in a school environment or a work environment. Uniforms bring about the feeling of being part of the same team and can build a sense of comraderie because each person wearing the uniform can immediately identify with others wearing the same uniform. Uniforms are, in fact, good.

  • They don't allow kids to express themselves

    Imagine going to work in the most boring clothes ever. Don't you ever just add a touch o blue, green or other colors. It's been proved that kids need to express them selves and the easiest is through clothes. From wearing red white and blue, to green on St. Patrick's Day the fact is KIDS NEED COLOR. No imagineer wears a boring clothes to work.

  • Uniforms Aren't Okay!

    Everybody says, "Oh it brings down bullying. " That doesn't stop it though, Now does it? Everybody wants to use that as a fact or something. Bullying still goes on even when we have to wear uniforms. And I don't think another kid will say, "Whoa, Look how cool he looks in that shirt! I'm not going to be able to focus now! " Never heard that before.

  • No . .

    Uniforms are not good for students to express themselves and it has been proven that most development takes place in the first 18 years of life and if students cant develop a sense of individuality in that 18 years they might never develop the sense that they are different from others

  • They induce anxiety

    Kids hate school and uniforms remind them of school causing them anxiety. Kids are way more comfortable in their own clothes. They have good memories in those clothes, and so that will enhance their school experience. Most uniforms are uncomfortable anyways and it may be hard to focus on work with them.

  • Uniforms are bad.

    Many students, not all, but most, do NOT like uniforms. Many people on the supporting side say that it might prepare kids for the workforce, but I say that's all the more reason to let them express themselves. These days, parents are so focused on preparing their children for the real world that they are forgetting to let their kids BE kids.

  • Uniforms Take away creative minds.

    Kids need to wear something that is cool to school. Will it effect their grade for being creative. No! It helps them think outside of the box. If a teacher has a problem with their clothes they can where something else. Uniforms controls people creative minds. Would like to wear something everyone else is wearing? I think not!

  • No they are not.

    Kids can't vote, drive, drink and many other things, and now they can't wear whatever they want to? What if everyone in the whole world wore uniforms? We would all look exactly the same. Who would want that? That would take everyone's authority. A policeman looks like a farmer or lumberjack. You could never tell who was who. This subject may look harmless on a small scale but crank it up, and you have a major problem.

  • No, uniforms are not good.

    I believe that uniforms are not good, especially in schools. When children wear uniforms they all look alike. It takes away the children's individuality. Clothes enable children a way to express who they are. Uniforms take away that creativity. Kids can express their individuality by what they wear, from T-shirts to Black Goth.

  • Uniforms Create Homogeneity

    Uniforms are good for jobs, military and private schools. However, in general, humans shouldn't wear uniforms as there is no freedom of expression. We can wear uniforms in our daily lives if you want America to be like Nazi Germany. Uniforms are not good because they are a way of controlling the populace.

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