• Unions are no longer needed.

    Gas union workers are extremely lazy,overpaid,cost the natural gas customers a lot of money that they shouldn't have to pay. Right now National Grid workers in MA are locked out because they refuse to accept a 401k (with 100% company match with no limit), a 15% pay raise, with only a 5% health insurance cost raise. They are extremely greedy!

  • Unions are no longer needed.

    Gas union workers are extremely lazy,overpaid,cost the natural gas customers a lot of money that they shouldn't have to pay. Right now National Grid workers in MA are locked out because they refuse to accept a 401k (with 100% company match with no limit), a 15% pay raise, with only a 5% health insurance cost raise. They are extremely greedy!

  • YES. It's terrible when dealing with them everywhere you turn.

    I live in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the big union hubs in the USA. Every electrician, plumber, carpenter, construction worker, etc. are all union workers, and it is not a coincidence that we also have one of the worst infrastructures and worst-performing workforces in the country. Everyone you call to come and do something at your house will do the bare minimum and go take their 15 minute union-enforced smoke break each hour. It's ridiculous.

  • Some union workers are indeed lazy.I am a 30 year union worker and have seen it all on union snd no union sides.

    Not all union workers are lazy ,incompetent or overpaid, despite what you all think.However there are some terrible unions out there and sadly they protect lazy workers who should otherwise be fired.If your a supervisor who has to constantly help lazy workers and going to management gets you nowhere your problem is management, not the union.Ive seen union workers fired who didnt get there job back cause union upheld companies decision. Being in a union is not a liscence to being lazy.But it does happen.Yes we make more money than most job sectors, however ive seen work done from other non union workers in the same field im in and they didnt do the work correctly and it had to be redone inhouse by union workers, so it cost the companie twice as much cause underpaid and underskilled workers did incorrect procedure which could have cost serious future accidents. Keep i mind union workers dont gdt job without diplomas or degrees in thier craft, and are constantly goinv to school to learn more as our future in techknowledgy changes.As far as strikes go, when you sign a contract yoyr agreeing to the language in it, when you decide as a company that you wont abide the contract you signed sometimed it ends with a strike. Non unio people dont have a voice, if they are laid off or fired thats it. If your in your 40s to late 50s good luck finding work. I got laid off but my union got my job back, can any of you say that.

  • First time managing or working around a unionized workforce. It is pathetic!

    I've been a supervisor now for 3 years at a very well known company and it has a union for the hourly folks. I've been in management now for 11 years and have never been such ashamed of the people I work around. They are the laziest most overpaid entitled people I've ever met. These operators make over $36 an hour for a job that should be barley over minimum wage. I've seen more sick time in 3 years here than I did in 14 years at my last job. They won't work together, they disappear, they won't dare do anything extra. I've also never been so disrespected as a manager or almost as a human being...If it wasn't for the money I'd be gone from the dump. The good news is we are selling, hopefully the new company helps but I'm afraid these people will cost me my job because they value nothing. As I sit here writing this I have kept a log of how many times I've been called out to help I the last 8 hours, 20 times....They can't do their jobs and I have no supports from upper management. Upper management crumbles when confronted by the union, so bad that they are actually allowed to sleep at the machines and stations that use flammable solvents...When you see one of the biggest chemical companies in the world close down or have a terrible explosion, remember this post....

  • Union are the Embodiment of Waste!

    I work for a NY state union shop, all I relieve is grief for doing my assigned job in a timely manner. My previous employment was the military in naval repair, no overtime accomplish the task and be done with the work to go home. These unions promote poor morals, work ethics, and laziness allowing scum workers strive and extinguishing hard workers by punishing their efforts and rewarding the poorly educated senior Union workers who believe that the company owes them OVERTIME and that any/all work must be done on overtime.
    In the armed forces these poor performers would be removed in a timely fashion of failure to conform after many subsequent documented reprimands/counseling. In this work force unions do not want hard workers since the organization promotes mediocre work and removes advancement opportunities to keep all members stagnant and the same. By not rewarding members with superior ability the demonstrate that the Union workforce does not promote good work values. In contrast Unionization of the 20's thru 50's actually did help workers by the establishment of the vital labour items and government laws to protect these workers.
    As of today all unions are destroying these efforts the labour union started by not upgrading their outdated mentality with the current times. In my belief government unions are the largest scam, tax dollars pay these individuals and should be accountable for their time i.e. not sleeping, delaying work. Periodic independant of the organization evaluations should be held on all government workers quarterly to deter this huge fraud that occurs on a daily basis. Although this would rectify a few problems but not all.

  • Unions are lazy.

    In my town of Decorah, Iowa, the tree service people are on the Union and they are to dang lazy to hold a stop sign! My dad is a trucker, and when he drives through town the tree branches are always hitting his truck and scratching it. And the tree service people won't do anything about it even when my dad called them about it. So that proves that the union is for democratic idiots and lazy people on welfare! So if you oppose me, you are an idiot!

  • They try to tell you what the job is

    I don't have union employees, but all the manufacturing plants in my city unionized and then shut down. There is a large number of former union employees in the labor pool. My business is designed to aggressively reward those who perform well. First, they act like you owe them something. If you don't have a job opening and they want a job, they have an attitude like you have to hire them. When you do hire one, it therefore doesn't come with the expectation of doing work. They were already entitled to the job.
    The idea of equality without merit is very prevalent. I've had them tell me I'm their equals. They shouldn't do anything I don't do myself. As the owner and manager.....
    They get upset when someone does more than the bare minimum. They try to get those employees to be lazy and if they don't, they will try to hurt the person's character. Raise before the work mentality. I had one decide I was asking too much for his position, which i wasn't, so for 1 position, he demoted himself and created a new set of job duties. When i wrote him up and subsequently fired him for not doing his job, he was furious. He told me what he was going to do afterall.
    I reprimanded one for not doing his job correctly, so he turned around and reported me to labor. Labor told him I'm not doing anything wrong, that infuriated him.
    There are a lot of rules and policies that aren't written anywhere. There is no need to given the work culture. Once they realize They can't tell you what to do, they will break every single one until you put it in writing, hoping to get unemployment. They once again feel entitled to that, and when you successfully block it, they'll do anything to hurt your reputation and try to put you out of business.

  • Unions do nothing they claim

    I'm a part-time, low-level supervisor at my company. Union employees make more than double what I do, and work half as hard.

    1. One who reports to me neglects his work and then says he is getting more work than everyone else, when that is obviously not the case. His work area is a perpetual mess (which is also a safety hazard), and other employees are sick of cleaning up after him.

    1.5. Another is a grown man who throws a toddler-level tantrum if he doesn't get to go home within the first hour of the shift. Other workers refer to him as "crybaby".

    2. When I tell someone they are committing unsafe acts, there is a 90% chance they will cop an attitude and make excuses for it, instead of actually using the safety aides we provide. Hello? I thought unions were made to make workplaces safe! We move heaven and earth to keep them safe, and they get salty for it!

    3. I was once training a new hire (who are not union eligible). WhIle helping him, a union employee was passing by and reprimanded me, saying I was "stealing work". Okay then! I'll play my fiddle while Rome burns!

  • Across the Board Raises What a Joke

    Unions support across the board raises for employees, not everyone deserves a raise. At my old job we got raises based on performance. Good Performance = yearly raises. They were good raises now I work for a company that has a union and my last raise more than 2 years ago was 1 percent I laughed why one percent because they had to give a raise to everyone even those who didn’t deserve it, so the company can’t afford to give good raises to people who do deserve it. I out work most of my fellow co workers and I get the same crapy raise as them. So it defiantly promotes laziness. It makes me think why should I be working so hard. I HATE UNIONS

  • No, unions work as much for the employer as for the employee.

    Unions are designed to protect the employee from exploitation by forming contracts with employers. But unions also benefit the employer by stipulating rules that the employee has to follow. There are measures for dealing with chronically late employees, employees who take long breaks, too many sick days and on and on - everything is spelled out in the contract so the employer actually does not have to deal with lazy employees.

  • No, they protect workers

    Unions are created to make sure that individual workers are not exploited, and have recourse if they are. Yes, there are some people who take advantage of this, but the good that comes from unions out weighs the few that are willing to cheat. I am part of a union, and I take umbrage at the idea that I am lazy (was my 80 hour work week last week lazy?). Most of the people I work with work this hard. It's what we do. Don't lump us in with the few people who won't work. I don't see you assuming that all CEOs are lazy or something. Stop repeating lies you hear.

  • Unions Do Serve A Good Purpose

    Unions are a needed part of the work force. Sure, there may be some problems with some unions, but the need for collective bargaining far trumps that. The right to organize was hard fought for, and some even gave their lives for it. So, it is a right that should not be taken for granted.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Only for those in management

    The laziest person in a union shop is always somewhere within the management ranks if not from top to bottom.
    We have the same work rules as everyone else, and a job to do that does not include enforcing those rules.
    On the other hand, someone within management has a core responsibility to properly document infractions and enforce those rules and, as happens too often they do not. Instead they rely on this common misconception that is widely spread even within their own ranks that their actions would prove fruitless.
    The bottom line is, if a union member is breaking a work rule and a management member doesn't put a stop to it then they are both complicit.

  • I detest people that take advantage of being organized. Unions have helped the working person have a voice. Created weekends, 8 hour day

    It's so freaking sad to read the yes comments. But realize there are way more union folks that take pride in their work . The people that take advantage are huge scumbags and will likely have bad karma coming there way. Without unions we are all just battling each other for the crumbs ceo's that make 300 times the next employee will throw for us.Big ups to unions that encourage good work ethic, safety, living wage and the right to negotiate. Look at union-less countires and their working conditions. But definitely funk those lazy doughnut gobbling fatties that give unions a bad name

  • Yes they are!

    I came from a background where I had to work for my money. I did join a union then became management. As a union member and especially now i have never met a group of people that are more lazy and entitled. I was told multiple times to slow down because I was union. Thank God that I am not union anymore. I felt that i was compromising my integrity by being a part of something that helped cripple the company that took care of me so well.

  • Depends on who you ask.

    I am a union worker, and I very greatly appreciated the company I work for as well as the union I am member of. But on a daily basis the I see exempt company officials try take away what we have fought so hard for. If not for the union and the contracts we have they would stomp us into the dirt and hire scabs to do our work. Someone hire up once said "we're all a bunch of overpaid unskilled workers" I made 52,000 last year, meanwhile the CEO made 17,000,000. Its all greed. The union abolishes the possibility of favoritism, if my bosses son was hired he would make the same exact hourly wage as the rest of us on that job. 99 percent of the people I work with are very hard workers and are driven to get the job done. There are a couple people who take advantage of it, but they have also worked here for 30 plus Years. Also a major problem I see with productivity is the miscommunication and un organization throughout management. Some days I feel lazy when there's nothing for me to do, but that cant br blamed on the union, only the company for not having there monkeys in a bunch.

  • Unions benefit EVERYBODY

    Unions protect employees. Unions safeguard both against arbitrary and unfair treatment and against personal and political patronage. Unions ensure the existence of a collective bargaining AGREEMENT, which is a contract that stipulates the terms and conditions of employment. These contracts, by the way, ensure that so-called "bad apples" are not protected but rather are dismissed decisively, dispositively, but fairly.

    Unions protect employers. Unions ensure that rogue managers are held accountable and are not allowed to intimidate employees.

    Unions protect society. Unions allow nurses to speak up on behalf of patients. Unions allow engineers to speak up against defective designs. Unions allow doctors to advocate on behalf of patients. Unions also advocate for higher wages, thereby ameliorating the decline of the middle class. When the middle class has money to spend, jobs are created, because an additional dollar in your pocket translates to an additional dollar in somebody else's pocket, an additional dollar in somebody else's pocket, ad infinitum.

    Many people say that unions are no longer needed because, in this "modern age," employers are "enlightened" and do not engage in the malfeasance conduct that ignited the union movement. That is putting the cart before the horse. The fact is that it is the ever present THREAT of unionization that motivates employers to develop positive relationships with employees.

  • Unions do not allow the worker to slack off.

    Unions are put forth to prevent the abuse of the human resources inside a company. In no way does it allow the worker to slack off and not suffer the appropriate consequences (i.E. An employee can still be fired for sleeping on the job). All it does is prevent the employer from over working his employees or making them work in unsafe environments. Unions are not a license to be lazy.

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