• Yes, universities are failing in their primariy responsibility

    The university system has lost its way, and no longer recognizes the importance of educating children. Universities today emphasize research and insular academic activities like publishing in obscure journals. Teaching is typically a distant second on the priority list for instructors. Students are increasingly given a sub-par education, and at the same time are leaving with ever more inflated grades. Since most of the excessive tuition costs are covered by third parties (subsidized loans, parents, etc.) and cultural attitudes insulate universities from competition, they are spared the typical market pressure to please their customers.

  • Yes, for the most part they are.

    In today's colleges and universities, we are finding a lot of young people who are aimless and without direction in their studies. For the most part they are taking classes and hoping something develops for them when they get out. On the other hand, there are a lot of creative people who are leading things without any degree to their name.

  • Serious lack in university education leading to less global leaders

    After having just gone back to university for another degree, I feel that they do not push the students, nor educate them to be future global leaders. The university I attended had professors who played favorites and passed students they liked with little to no work or effort done by the student. By not installing in the student how to work towards something they want, the student feels they are owed instead of working for it, therefore, I believe it is not teaching/producing global leaders.

  • Positions Aren't Open

    I do not believe universities are failing to produce future global leaders. I believe with retirement ages being pushed back it is more difficult to climb the ladder and it has left many younger leaders lower in the ranks for longer than their predecessors. At the same time, the world does have a small crop of self-starters that are young and show leadership qualities.

  • No, universities are not failing to produce future global leaders.

    No, universities are not failing to produce future global leaders. The failure rest a lot earlier then that being both on the parents as well as pre-college schooling. These are the areas that are failing children these days. Most people get to college and have not a clue about anything in life. They were not properly challenged and motivated. The universities do a great job for what they have to work with and the people that do make it as global leaders afterward.

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