• All examinations are flawed

    That is why I have never liked teaching to the test. All teaching to the test does is show that people can memorize things. They then will forget most of that information two months later. That is with the exception of math. A lot of higher math does not get used by most people in everyday society though. The best way to learn is by hands on experiences of what you are going to be doing everyday in life.

  • No Exam Is Perfect

    College exams are not perfect, and the standardized tests like the SAT and the GRE need to be vastly improved upon. Most colleges and universities are at least constantly trying to revise their exams to make them better and much more comprehensive. Still, a good number of them still need improvement.

  • No, I do not think university examinations are flawed.

    I think that the current form that university examinations are being conducted are not flawed. I do think there can be a few changes here and there, but overall, it is fair. I think most of the opposition and criticism is coming from political groups that want to make trouble.

  • To A Degree

    It is very difficult to construct an examination that is free of flaws. During my time in college I found several test questions that were wrong or misleading beyond the professors attention. That is essentially what is great about college is the fact that these issues are examined and often corrected after discussing them. Exams aren't flaw free, they never will be.

  • Not at all

    No, the tests that the teachers give out in college today are really good, and make the students have to learn the material that is going to be on them. I think that the professors in the colleges today do a good job at making all of the tests today.

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