Are upstanders helping the wrong side in a bullying situation?

Asked by: mjklgh
  • Upstanders often assume or always help the bullies.

    Often, Upstanders don’t look at the situation closely and assume things which is pretty stupid. For example, A bully is bullying a victim. The victim stands up and says some rude things back. The upstander helps the bully telling the victim not to be rude. This is very unfair as the upstanders are wrongfully and stupidly assuming that it’s the victim’s fault when it’s the bully’s. I feel like these type of upstanders deserve to be punished for their carelessness and assumptions that they tend to support bullying. Another problem is favoritism, If two sides are arguing, The upstanders tend to favor who they like or whoever they know, Which is obviously wrong. Many times, The poor victims are being ganged up upon by the friends of bullies or stupid useless upstanders who “don’t like” the victim for some reason. I thought you guys were here to help, But it seems all you do is help the bullies and you mask this by claiming that the victim is the bully when really you are just the one bullying.

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