• US government surveillance programs are doing more harm than good.

    US government surveillance programs are doing more harm than good. Lately, it seems that these agencies have been spying on everyone and everything. They have received a lot of bad press for what they have been doing lately. I think they should be monitored and watched themselves before it gets out of control.

  • They are making Americans skeptical.

    Yes, US government surveillance programs are doing more harm than good, because Americans are skeptical that they are being spied on. Even without listening to each and every phone call, Americas are still being listened to in the aggregate. They do not trust their own government, and that is why we fought for independence in the first place.

  • Yes, US government surveillance programs do more harm than good

    The US government surveillance programs are intended to keep the nation safe by catching terrorists before they can hurt innocent people. However, the actual effects of these programs are far more often the entrapment of innocent people through surveillance, often accompanied by crooked informants. There are far more of these stories than of the legitimate surveillance of terror threats.

  • No it isn't!

    Would you rather have another 9/11, or the government watching over us? Do you think that the government surveillance is a good thing, or a bad thing? Although most say no, I have to go with what I believe, and what I believe is that it is a good thing, because it started the December after 9/11.
    People say that it is a bad thing because it is invading our privacy and that they have no right to do that. But really no one cared before “Edward Snowden” said something about it; Why care if you don’t have anything to hide? Unless you do.
    We think that we can survive without anyone to help us, but truthfully no we can’t we do need it, because without the government spying some of us would be dead. Think of all the murders and terrorist have been caught, without this spying all of those criminals would be still running around. We complain about everything, we complain that the government doesn’t keep us safe, but they really do we just can wake up and realize it because we don’t know it. When we find out about how they are keeping us safe, what are we doing “complaining”.
    I am in high school and I am ok with it

  • No, I don't think that US Government surveillance programs are doing more harm then good.

    I think overall US Government surveillance programs are keeping America as a whole safer, I think that the surveillance programs need to have limits on to what extent they can actively spy on the average American but overall I think the nation net benefits by having these programs as opposed to not having them.

  • No, I don't think they're harmful.

    Except for possibly harming how the United States looks to other countries, I don't personally mind surveillance programs. We're already being monitored by websites, and usually in a far more intrusive way than what the government is doing. I find it confusing that people aren't upset that their personal e-mails are scanned for keywords for targeted ads, yet they get upset at the government for probably not even truly monitoring them at all. If surveillance/spying can actually track down potential terrorism threats, I'm all for losing some privacy that I've already more than lost to commercial websites.

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