• Some are some aren't.

    I really hope that you are attempting to better understand conservatives. Because you have put several opinions up on them.

    So just like any group there are good and bad people in the group. You should know that not all conservatives are Christian.

    The conservative view on helping the poor is that it should be done by charities and that the government should only assist when absolutely necessary. Conservatives believe in creating opportunity for people and letting them find there way.

  • Conservatives is not just based on religion.

    There are athiest conservatives out there believe it or not. As well as many other religions. While religion might be one of the large issues. Some people are conservative based on their Financial and foreign policy stances.

    Conservatives is about smaller government and more state control. This also leads to allowing the people to have more power.

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Forthelulz says2015-06-24T22:45:34.593
You can't lump everyone in a group into a larger group unless their official leadership says they are associated with that group. As it is, I know several people in several different groups, be they ethnic or religious, on both sides of the fence.