• USDA, for Consumers or Business?

    In many cases, USDA regulations are not strict enough. Government agencies are most often run by people who have ties to the industries they are supposed to be regulating. Even if they are not directly profiting from lax regulation, they are often indirectly profiting or, at the very least, have sympathies with those who profit from lax regulations.

  • No, USD regulations are strict enough, there is really an issue when it come to the US currency itself.

    The government should not increase regulations on the USD. Every time regulations by the government are increased it hinders the economy. Currently there are not major issues with the United States Dollar, regulating it could cause the problem to get substantially worse. The United States Dollar has and will contiune to regulate itself.

  • USD regulations limiting

    Although establish for good reason and serving a clear and important purpose I am of the opinion that USD regulations currently block and limit more companies and products than they should. This adds an additional cost and barrier to entry for otherwise useful goods and products that smaller firms find difficult to overcome.

  • USDA Regulations are Strict Enough

    Labeling food products is meant to keep us safe from contaminants. When you purchase food, use common sense. If a food is labeled organic, certain regulations such as what the animals are fed and what goes into the soil apply. However, it is impossible to regulate everything we eat. The stricter a regulation is, the harder and costlier it is to enforce.

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