• Vacations- Great for Productivity

    In my opinion, vacations are indeed good for productivity. If a person disagrees with this fact, simply read further. If a person who goes to work everyday is never given any breaks or vacations, the work can possibly decline or become worse. If a person is allowed to have a vacation every once in a while, the relaxing tendencies will fade away during the vacation. Once back at work, he or she will work harder than ever.

  • Vacations are Good for Productivity

    Workers often work extremely hard and for long hours. Doing this day in and day out can cause mental and morale fatigue. Vacations are necessary to alleviate this fatigue and provide a break from the routine work of every day. Workers returning from vacation feel rejuvenated and recharged to tackle work in a more productive way.

  • Yes, we all need them

    I think a break from reality is nice,but only about once or twice a year. I think people don't need to stay away long enough to feel they need to quit. The vacation time that is perfect for the person and the company, would be beneficial. I think for me its 2 weeks, I'm done after that.

  • Not productive at all

    I feel that vacations are actually terrible for productivity. People that get back from vacations just want to stay on vacation and do not work toward the next vacation since it is so far away. I feel like vacations are good for people because it gets them out of the ordinary and helps them relax but they do not help with productivity.

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