• Chances are, They're the reason you're here.

    We don't hear about polio outbreaks nowadays. We don't hear about people getting put into iron lungs for the rest of their lives. Smallpox - nearly eradicated. Unless administered wrongly, Vaccines don't have any harm to them.

    Polling data has shown that the ones most likely to choose not to vaccinate their kids are millennials. Ironically, They're also statistically the generation most likely to produce children with autism. Increasing autism numbers are not because of vaccines, But because of improved diagnosis methods. Stupid, Spoiled, All-natural brats cannot be allowed to bring society back to the times of mass polio outbreaks.

  • Reward out weighs the risks

    I have never met anyone with active polio in the US. I have never seen anyone with small pox in the US. I've never had measles or whooping cough. A kid who grew up down the street from me, Was a little slow after a vaccination, Not sure which one. Never found out if he was autistic or not.

  • The keep us healthy

    In my opinion vaccines are good because they help reduce likeliness of sickness. Vaccines also are safe studies have shown that they do not lead to autism or any other mental issue. Though people believe they do this is a lie doctors have posted viable studies showing that they are safe.

  • They have potential to eradicate diseases

    Vaccines are essential to keep us healthy from certain diseases. The amount of pros way outnumber and outweigh the cons. Unless your doctor says so, There is no reason not to be vaccinated. You can also easily disprove most if not all arguments stating vaccination is bad for us. Science just doesn't lie to us.

  • No they are evil

    Vaccinations are proven to cause autism. Most of them have HIV and AIDS in them. They are the governments best method of mind control. They have multiple poisons in them that are meant to decrease your child's life span. Only good mothers avoid vaccinations. Vaccines will make your children homosexual and transgender. Notice how there were no diseases before vaccines, Hmmmmmmm, I wonder why that is. If you vaccinate your kids you should be arrested for child abuse and be given capital punishment. I am a proud mother of three unvaccinated kids (used to be four, But that one died from a government constructed infection meant for population control, The doctors tried to poison him even more but i refused to let them "treat" him. ) who will live long and happy lives.

  • No tey ar bert baf VERT BAFFFFF!

    Vacxines are profen toi be eryv bad! DEbates are fuitel and tey r alreddy p0roven tio bei absopulytely yeuseless ahnd veyr bad for helth! ABOLIsh THEY ARE VER BAHD! KIYP KIDS SEIf FROM VACINS! MUSTR PROTECT HEUHMANIHTY! FROM! VVVVVVVVAAAAAAACCIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEESSSSS! BEEYR IMPOORTANTY FOR PUBLIC SANTIYAAND SAFEYTY.

    Sorry fopr the grammerz im an dum-dum

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