• I am convinced that vaccination is good for human.

    I am very confident that an inoculation is very beneficial for people and it is definitely not dangerous to health. I believe that a vaccination even makes you stronger. My belief is that vaccines are not connected with autism. Thank of the vaccinations humankind is able to deal with many really very severe diseases. Therefore I claim that all children should undergo an inoculation compulsorily. Yes, there are many voices which claim that vaccination could be dangerous for children. Moreover, many scientists declare that vaccines have not wiped out any illness and have caused autism and variety of auto-immunity troubles. However, statistics and researches prove quite an opposite opinion.

  • I've been thinking.

    I watched a presentation by Bill Gates on the Ted-Talks platform regarding overpopulation. He said something that really stood out for me, something about vaccines being used to decrease the world's population. I was due to get a shot a few weeks later so it got me worried, and so read some articles on what vaccines does to the immune system and watched cases never got air time. Free radicals and auto-immunity; interesting stuff. I just want to see what people think. Thanks :)

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