• "Do you KNOW what's IN there? ! "

    Yes, We do. We know that they are things that, When combined, And injected into a human by a doctor with years of training under their belt, Could help stop a measles epidemic from popping up. But that's already happened.

    I saw an argument that said vaccines included human fetal cells. No. No, They don't. That's just a rumor.

  • Vaccinations are good for you and anything else is fake news.

    Vaccines are vital to our immune systems you say that they have dangerous ingredients but you don't know what half of them are if you read the ingredients in an apple it could say Dihydrogen Monoxide and that sounds dangerous and is in vaccines but all it really is is water or H2O and mercurey may be an neurotoxin but it really depends on how much and it is not even in vaccines anymore. Don't take my word for it ask someone who went to college for a long time to study medicine and they will tell you something correct because it is their job. Don't just trust some random person on the internet, Even me.

  • Don't die, Please.

    You don't need to know what's in a vaccine, All you need to know is the doctors inject it into your bloodstream, And it keeps you from getting whatever disease the vaccine is required to keep away.
    The only risk you might have is being allergic to whatever is in the vaccine, Overdosing the vaccine or taking the wrong vaccine.

  • Vaccines keep you healthy

    Vaccinations are good because they allow your body to build immunity and/or resistance to diseases. Certain diseases that were a major problem decades ago are no longer an issue due to vaccines; examples include smallpox, Measles, Polio, Etc. Why do we think people are encouraged to get flu shots every winter? Vaccines do not cause autism.

  • Do you know what is in Vaccines?

    We are told by medical professionals vaccines are healthy, But we are never told what is in vaccines. The CDC provides the list, In it's entirety, Of all ingredients in vaccines. Formaldehyde, Aluminium, MSG, A wide rage of ethanol's, Human fetal cells, Etc. There has been extensive evidence since the 50's that ethanol's cause long term health effects, Such as cancer, Intestinal damages, And brain disorders. The amount of mercury in vaccines is enough to cause damage in infants, Toddlers and even adults! Whoever says vaccines do not cause autism are not informed correctly. They are rather fed the information the news force feeds down people's throats instead of doing actual research. I would much rather my child fight off infection from their own anti-bodies and immune systems, Rather than get injected with a whole bunch of unnecessary "healthy" vaccines. Vaccines have been studied multiple times, And if you take the time to watch/learn about the actual studies instead of the watered down, "family friendly" documentaries that get pushed out like wildfire, You would probably be more aware of what you are pumping your children with. Smallpox, Measles, Polio have been eradicated for years, But yet, The government tells you that you need to pump your body full of shit in order to prevent them? ! Are you kidding me.

  • Can go both ways

    I have a cousin in my family who is severely allergic to eggs (one of the ingredients in vaccines) along with several other foods such as meats, Gelatin, Fish, Shellfish, Milk/dairy, Wheat, Soy, Peanuts, Tree-nuts, Lupine and several other foods. She did almost passed away after being given her first vaccine (due to an allergic reaction and seizure) within that same day of being born. As a result she had to spend time in NICU. She does have Autism and an Mild Intellectual Disability (however most people don't notice or can tell until they learn that she isn't 10-14 yrs old). I wouldn't just go an and assume it was the vaccine in particular but due to her reaction (the allergic reaction and seizure) were told by two of the head doctors that there could possibly be some form of brain damage or intellectual disability. She's 20 now and has the intellectual age of an 8 yr old and she dresses very much like a kid- big bows in hair, Tutus, Colorful bright clothing, Etc.

    Three doctors I have met never vaccinated their kids. They never wanted to explain why but were very against it but due to their jobs were recommending them to other families with kids.

    Some cases I do believe they aren't good if you have severe allergies or any allergy because of the possibility of your allergen(s) being in the vaccine.

    While in most of the cases in the world they don't seem to cause an issue (at least in a visible/noticeable way).

    It's good to be protected against severe diseases but not so good with toxic ingredients in those vaccines (that may or may not cause issues).

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