• A whistle blower says...

    If a black boy takes vaccine before 3 he will have an increased risk of autism. My brother is a little autistic, the doctors say he will be alright, but, what happened was before he wasn't at all autistic. We got vaccine before he was 3. Then he all of a sudden stopped talking. Then he was diagnosed. CASE CLOSED

  • It can not be ruled out 100%

    Pharmaceutical companies themselves will not give an 100% guarantee that vaccines do not have a contributing factor to the epidemic rise in ASD diagnosis. Refer to reply to the first No opinion. The truth is that there is still no understanding of why ASD occurs. Therefore it can not be ruled out completely. Living with the knowledge that you possibly contributed to your child's development of ASD is an unsettling grief that must peace must be made with. The truth is out there but not here yet.

  • Absolutely not, and anyone who thinks this is a moron that believes in pseudoscience.

    The case for autism from vaccines is a flimsy one indeed. In his test, Wakefield used twelve children to prove that the MMR vaccine causes autism. This is an impossibly small sample, and therefore proves nothing. The belief that vaccines cause autism is not just wrong, but damaging. Millions of children have not had their vaccines as a result of this hoax, and the pseudo-intellectuals and sadists that promote hoaxes such as this, as well as the ones against other vaccines such as Polio are easily among the most despicable people ever to exist and have the blood of untold infants, children and adults on their hands.

  • There is no proven correlation

    According to medical reports conducted by qualified scientists, there is no correlation between Autism and vaccination. Due to the lack of evidence found, there should be no reason to believe that vaccines can cause Autism. Once proof is found, precautions should be taken to modify the vaccines, but there is no current proof.

  • No they don't

    Your born with autism its not caused my anything. Vaccines only affect you immune system. Would you rather have your child not be autistic or have whooping cough? Also there has been little scientific evidence (most of this evidence hasn't even been done my real scientists) that proves this theory and lots of evidence that disproves its.

  • Absolutely no proof.

    There is no proof of vaccines causing autism. That "study" that came out saying it did, was completely falsified. The doctor himself admitted to it being fake and being paid by lawyers to make such accusations. Also, the component in vaccines that is "causing autism," hasn't been in vaccines since the 90s. Even IF they did cause autism, do you really believe that autism is the worst thing that can happen to your child as opposed to risking death of your child or someone else's who has been in contact with yours? You need to look at your values.

  • It Doesn't Make Sense

    If a person has had autism, they will always have had it. It doesn't suddenly appear due to taking a vaccine. Furthermore, if you believe that vaccines cause autism, the only way a vaccine could cause autism is if the disease that the child is being vaccinated for could cause autism. A vaccine is a weakened or dead virus, bacteria, or parasite. The immune system attacks it, and then creates memory cells which are always on guard if the disease comes back. That's how you become immune from vaccines.

  • Not at all

    Autism is a disease developed in the mind of the child when it is in the womb of its mother. Autism is in the brain there is no way it could be given to a child by a vaccine. Vaccines gets injected into the bloodstream and goes to your immune system how could it give you autism?

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