Are vaccines just another source of profits for pharmaceutical companies?

  • It's an industry

    The vaccine industry makes money off vaccines. It's an industry. Of course money is a driving factor. Vaccines can be harmful--some people like me are allergic. Last time I got one I got a rash and had trouble breathing. They also cause autism and paralysis. In Florida marysue grivna a 9 year old was paralyzed four days after a flu shot.

  • Yes, but some are beneficial.

    There probably is good cause for having many of the vaccines that we do have and lots of diseases have either been eradicated or mitigated because there is wide spread vaccination. However, some are extraneous, and of course the drug companies are making a fortune advocating for those that are necessary as well as unnecessary.

  • Yes,vaccines are just another source of profits for pharmaceutical companies.

    Yes,vaccines are just another source of profits for pharmaceutical.companies.No longer do any companies perform any deeds for the greater good.Whether it means curing people or making people sick whatever makes more money is what goes in todays money driven greedy society that really cares less about the greater good for society.

  • Yes and no.

    Vaccines are another source of profit for the pharmaceutical companies, however it is also something people actually need and is not there just for them to make profits. It is not a bad thing if medical companies are making money anyways because that means more resources to help cure new diseases.

  • They help people too.

    No, vaccines are not just another sources of profits for pharmaceutical companies, because if the companies do not provide a good service to the people who receive the vaccines, they will not get any profits, because there will not be repeat customers. The pharmaceutical companies have to show a product in order to profit. Vaccines have done great good throughout the world in preventing diseases and ending world problems.

  • Vaccines have been proven to work

    No, vaccines have been around for a long period of time and most have proven themselves to be effective. The proof is shown with the virtual disappearance of the some diseases that were able to wipe out complete families and town at once, such as small pox and TB. When something has been proven it is worth the money that is paid.

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