Are vaccines too dangerous for general distribution?

Asked by: Rightwing15
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  • No they are not,

    Since the middle ages there has been sickness, death, disease, but we have proactively tried to stop that to the best of out ability. When the first vaccinations came out they were not only lifesaving but they were revolutionary. Through the evolution of vaccines there has been hundred of millions if not a billion lives saved. The vaccine for HPV, Rotavirus, and other various preventative pathogens and flu's that are stopped by them. Vaccines are one of the most legendary advances in medicine that has been known to man. There are people out there that say vaccines cause autism and brain damage.There has been no visible and viable proof to that rumor. I think its ridiculous that people listen to celebrities like Jenny Mccarthy instead of fully fledged doctors and pathologists that are trained in these such practices.

  • I had to answer this question, just so I could make this reference.

    A shorten version of the full show/episode. If even after watching the video, you still feel strongly against vaccinations. Well, you are a murderer. Don't deny it. That cold blooded killer in you, that's what is against vaccination. Other than, no one should be against vaccination. Yes, there are dangers but if you watched the video. Those concerns are thrown away. You will get that pun, once you watch the video.

  • To suggest otherwise is the height of folly

    Vaccines are arguably the greatest public health triumph in all of human history. With these simple immunizations, we have saved millions of lives and eradicated many diseases.

    There are almost no risks involved with vaccination. In a very small minority of people, there can be allergic reactions. Even amongst those, it is rarely life-threatening.

    The idea that vaccines are dangerous is, itself, a dangerous conspiracy theory cooked up by a discredited and de-licensed doctor who published fraudulent research in return for monetary considerations, and a former playboy model.

    However, because such nonsense has gained traction in the public consciousness, there has been a resurgence of preventable infectious diseases, including outbreaks of diseases that had, until the anti-vaccination movement, been eradicated within the united states.

  • Oh hell no

    Vaccines have eradicated tons of diseases, saving millions from death or disability. All of the "scary chemicals" in vaccines are TINY. There is less aluminum in a vaccine than a can of tuna. While there is a chance of a vaccine harming someone (Minuscule compared to getting the virus), the benefits are much, much higher. And no, all that crap from whale.To and natural new is just crap

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