Are vampires real (I know we are but I want to know what you think)

Asked by: annascat123
  • Yes because..... I

    Yes because I am one we aren't what everyone thinks we are but tell me what y'all think and no saying that I am not I don't care if you don't believe just don't call me a liar or your comment will get reported alright? Ok just ask. <3 I the vampire

  • I'm a vampire

    Hey fellow vampire there aren't too many around where I live. ANYWAYS-- what is a person who sucks energy out of you? Wouldn't you consider that person a vampire? I enjoy the taste of blood, I have fangs, I'm pale, what more proof do you need from me? I enjoy the dark and feel true power when there's a new moon and full moon, can't explain it, it just happens to me.

  • Just cause I am one

    We vampires tend to be far more adaptive elusive creatures than we give ourselves credit for, apparently we are so good infact that many of us have forgotten we are vampires, (we might need to go bite them again. ) So in conclusion duh yeah we do exist, i mean we are ones aren't we ^^ :D!

  • Vampires are terriost wait whaat?

    It's mathematical proven that vampires can't exist, if they did we(humanity) wouldn't be here, as at the very beginning of there existence they would have wipe out humanity in a little under 4 years, with their main food source depleted vampires would eventually die out.

    Also for those that do believe that they are vampires, It has been proven that the mind can alter the body in very impressive ways ex. Paler skin, even create a craving for blood where none exist if the being is strong enough

    I notice in the website you listed it has a paragraph listed "reference to this information"

    In it talks about something special in the authors blood called plasma, this stuff is present in every human making up 55% of the human body fluid volume.

    Also you're religion if vampires do exist why would you want to be a Christian when they view vampires as abominations.

  • Of course it is not real

    It is physically impossible for a person to survive on blood alone; it would not provide the necessary nutrition or energy, even for someone with a modified digestive system. Just ignore her; she's either crazy or secretly laughing at you for being gullible.

    P.S. If she were really a vampire she wouldn't tell you because it's against vampire law to reveal our presence to humans, lest humans hunt us like they did to witches in the Middle Ages.

    P.P.S. If she were half vampire and half human she would in fact be a vampir and would therefore have no bones. Also she would be a danger to my kind so would you please tell me where she is so we can remove the threat?

  • Total Hollywood made up BS

    Any one that says the are one has no idea what a vampire is only what Hollywood as told them. The real vampire myth is that they are ghosts that feed off blood or life force to make them selves solid and prevent there body from decaying. In some areas there is also the belief that if that soul got enough life force or blood in one night they could reanimate there dead body. This would make them exactly how they were in life as if they never died. Honestly I don't understand the real myth from medieval times is more interesting.

  • They are not real

    Do you honestly belive you are a vampire because that just sounds incredibly dumb, and I know it’s not very productive just to call you all dumb, but honestly let’s just get it out now that vampires are not real, they do not exist, it is just a Hollywood creation

  • They are not real

    Do you honestly belive you are a vampire because that just sounds incredibly dumb, and I know it’s not very productive just to call you all dumb, but honestly let’s just get it out now that vampires are not real, they do not exist, it is just a Hollywood creation

  • They don't exist.

    One can argue about this scientifically and prove why it's physically impossible. One can also argue about this from religion point of view. However, I'm just going to simply say that if they were real, they would have been found ages ago, or they simply would have exposed themselves to us as they're often perceived as more powerful. This is just a fantasy made up by people who have an overactive imagination. A human who has super powers and feeds on people, aka US, can't just stay hidden since forever.

  • A nice little fantasy.

    I understand the fantasy of wishing to be more, Something special and unique. However modern day Vampires are nothing more than hollywood creations. More true I think towards a modified version of a revenant, an animated corpse brought back to life to terrorize the living.

    One cannot live off human blood the iron overdose would make you very ill. While iron is necessary for all animals (and indeed most life), in high doses it can be toxic. This condition, called haemochromatosis, can cause a wide variety of diseases and problems, including liver damage, buildup of fluid in the lungs, dehydration, low blood pressure, and nervous disorders.

    People masquerading as vampires should most likely be seen by a healthcare professional including but not limited to a professional mental health care expert.

    The link the original poster has shown shows to be nothing more than a fluff page. It appears to be based of a retrovirus theory with shows no proof of anything and a lot of wild claims. Even the supporting links to pages are half broken and do nothing to link anything with vampirism.

    No, vampires are not real. Vampires are hollywood hoopla and older hysterics and superstitions to explain away misfortunes. And now they have become something idolized for misguided children and individuals wanting to be a part of something greater than their normal everyday life.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-27T21:21:42.793
Interesting question.
I believe in vampire bats ...
Does that count?
I've read that people who were thought of as "vampires"
actually may have had untreated hydrophobia.
Do all you self-proclaimed vampires have Rabies?
I don't think that vampires are ghosts.
As far as I'm aware, vampires, if they exist, must have bones.
It's well known that parasites don't automatically kill off
all of their hosts as quickly as possible.