• It's only an online currency used for cosmetics.

    V-Bucks are used to buy cosmetics in-game that pretty much is a waste on money since the cosmetics give no in-game advantage. Even though Fortnite is pretty bad, V-Bucks costs too much! I believe the costs for 1, 000 V-Bucks are equivalent to $10. And in the in-game store to buy cosmetics, Ranges about $5-$20 at the maximum for only one product. This is why I think that V-Bucks are a waste of money.

  • They are do not buy

    V bucks are used to buy in game things which are a rip off. They do not buy happiness. They are a waste of cold hard cash. DO NOT BUY I REPEAT DO NOT BUY. I hope this helps you not waste your darn money on a game that sucks. Good bye.

  • No no no

    I lurv vbucks and they are really good. Daances are fun. I like vbucks very much i get very good. I stole mom card for the vbucks it was fun. I got yelled at and groundted but dad was like you can have my compute bcz hes cool and mom divorce him.

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